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  1. I'm interested in how other LTCF's handle their on call rotations and who participates.
    As DON, do you ever take on call for a week in the rotation with other staff for call offs
    and make calls to find employees to work that needed shift?
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  3. by   sls73
    I take on-call once a month with three other administrative staff. They call me if needed on events of the unit and troubleshooting call-offs. If I am below the staffing levels then I go in(but its rare- may happen once or twice out of entire year). The aides rotate on-call for their weekends, but the licensed staff do not. We have never really had issues with licensed staff calling off on their weekend. Hope this helps.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Since I am on call 24/7, I am not part of the on call rotation for weekends. The people who are on call end up calling me anyway. Yes, I call people to try to get them to come in but, so far at this place, I have not gone in to cover a shift or take a cart.
  5. by   americanTrain
    I get the calls on weekends and for problems on the unit, but Im asking about taking call during the week, like 1 week at a time for staffing call ins. They want me
    to take call every 3rd week from monday til the next monday
  6. by   Nascar nurse
    My DON in on-call 24/7 & she mainly takes all calls during the week. We are fortunate & it's not really much of a big deal. She probably averages 1-2 calls/wk at most & the "easy" unit is required to attempt to cover alll call offs on their own. Again, this is not usually a problem. When she is on vacation a note goes up to the units that she is not to be called & they are then to call me as the ADON.

    The weekend call rotation is split between ADON, MDS, medical records (who is a LPN), Staff development, and unit manager. When I take a week of call for DON's vacation, I am often taken out of the wkend rotation if it falls close together.
  7. by   mdsnewbee
    The DON and the ADON alternate call every other week at our facility. We handle finding coverage for all nursing and aide call ins and if necessary work the shift
  8. by   agebhart7241
    At my facility I am the DON and I take call Mon-Thurs. The other 4 managers take call (rotate) the weekends. We used to do it so all 5 managers took 1 week at a time. I recently changed this so I could be more up to date on what happens during the week. I still get calls on the weekends from the managers for troubleshooting and staffing Issues. I have had to work the floor as an STNA or Nurse. It is usually about once a month this happens.
  9. by   Dixiecup
    In my opinion the DON should not take call for the purpose of having to come in and cover a shift. Actually, I think it is against regulations for the DON to work the floor if your census is over 60.
  10. by   noc4senuf
    The DON just can not be the charge nurse.... they can work the floor.
  11. by   sls73
    My census is 59.....UGH! I think it says something about a FT DON working 35 hours a week- well I dont know about most DON's but I have that beat and then some.
  12. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I think that regulation means the director of a building with a census larger than 60 can't be the DNS and the charge nurse on a regular basis. I'm thinking if it were the DNS or no one, even the DPH in Massachusetts would go with the DNS taking the keys.
  13. by   americanTrain
    Yes, state regs do say that DONs not to work floor if census over 60; well ours is 64. Do you think
    corporate cares? I try my best to get out of it, but right now, we have 2 charge nurses to replace.
    2-10 and 10-6. So Im sure Im next to work Friday night. When I do work, the staff still expects me
    to be DON, you cant effectively do both. And the work load gets piled higher on higher on my desk.
  14. by   marthyellen
    As the DON in a 134 bed facility, I am the only one who takes call. The only time another nurse manager takes call is if I am on vacation. All nurses/CNAs/CMAs must find there own replacement and notify the facility. If they are unable to find their own replacement then they call me. If they are calling off for a shift and I am in the building I will help them find coverage.
    I have been in the same facility for 5 years and have worked the floor a total 4 times and never a whole shift. Usually if another nurse cannot cover, a manager will work because this was the agreement that was made with the manangers when I agreed to be the only person to take call.
    This may not work in every facility but it works for us. The nurses feel they have more control of their time off because they can switch shifts easily as long as they watch their overtime.
    It was difficult at first because the nursing staff felt they should be able to just call off and it would be someone else's problem. We have now been doing it this way for almost 4 years. The nurses take more ownership for their shifts and residents knowing who likes to work which spot and how to cover positions.
    Example: I had a nurse whose Grandfather passed away recently and she needed off a week for his funeral. She covered every shift and texted me to tell me who was covering which days including the two shifts she had picked up for another nurse whose grandmother had passed away.

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