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My facility is looking into a bird aviary for our residents. Actually a staff member was able to purchase a nice one for dirt cheap at an auction. I am concerened with how these have worked for... Read More

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    Quote from adnil65
    I agree, wild birds can harbor some disease, but the domestic ones need health certificates just like cats & dogs.
    I agree. Birds in the wild can carry all kinds of scary things. But birds raised in captivity are, pardon the pun, a whole different animal.

    Years ago some folks were aghast at the idea of bringing "nasty, smelly, flea-bitten dogs and cats" into care facilities. Now, pet therapy (with healthy, clean, well-behaved animals) is a well-recognized and much appreciated effort that many places employ to keep residents from feeling they have lost touch with the real world.

    You might ask the residents what they think about the atrium. So many times, they get left out of the equation as others make decisions on their behalf.

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