What Pre-Reqs Do You Need For LPN To RN Program?! - page 2

I have quite a few college classes, but for my RN program I still need another English which I will try and challenge, Psych 208, API, II, and Micro in addition to becoming a CNA or HHA first. Will this all still be needed if I... Read More

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    The RN Bridge at my school requires a two-quarter A&P and the LPN program only requires one. It also requires Developmental Psyche, another math, and micro. As I knew I wanted to take the RN ultimately, I did all the pre-req's at once.
    I actually took the one quarter A&P and the first of the two quarter A&P at the same time so I could put my nursing app in sooner (the two quarter met the requirement for the LPN, but only after both quarters were taken) Two classes of human bio at the same time was kind of cool!

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