LPN to RN Bridge at Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations (WPB, FL)

  1. Is anyone a student here? I am doing their gen ed program which goes from May 15-Aug 23 2012 and then I start the actual 11 month bridge program in September. If you are a student here, please tell me about the cirriculum, the clinicals, and your overall impression of the program. Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   NursinginProgress
    Did the gen Ed classes. Not bad. Started the core class already, very fast paced and you have to know your P's and Q's. Good luck!
  4. by   armygirlabn
    I'm relocating to Florida and I am interested in applying to ANHO. Can you tell me about the program with regards to how is a typical week? What kind of assignments are required, preclinical and post clinical.
  5. by   armygirlabn
    How do you like the program so far???
  6. by   CLUVRN
    Update: Did not start last May as life got in the way and had to give up my seat. Things are better now and I am due to begin the one year bridge program starting May 20, 2013. Anyone one on this site joining me? PS. Already did the pre-reqs through PBSC and transferred them to ANHO.
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  7. by   nyrvab
    Want to start this program september 2013. How was the admissions process?
  8. by   CLUVRN
    @Nyrvab-Let's see: You can transfer your pre-reqs from an accredited school (which is what I did) or you can take your pre-reqs directly through ANHO, which will extend your time in the program by four months and cost an additional $5k. They only require five classes prior to acceptance: Freshman English, College Algebra, Sociology or Speech, Microbiology, and Intro to Pysch. They also require you to take an entrance exam, which the school writes and administers. The cost of the exam and the school application fee are free. You also have to write an essay about how why you want to be a nurse and how you will contribute to the nursing profession. The take about 100 students at three start times a year. Cost of LPN-RN bridge with pre-reqs completed is a little over $15K. Oh yeah, and you must have experience working as an LPN to be accepted (ie; a recommendation letter from an employer). I think that's all the admission process entails. Any other questions, let me know! Good luck to you!
  9. by   friend97
    I will be relocating to start Sep2013 too. Anyone started yet? How is it?
  10. by   CLUVRN
    Quote from friend97
    I will be relocating to start Sep2013 too. Anyone started yet? How is it?
    Orientation is tonight and tomorrow from 5p-11p. Official begin date is this coming Monday. I will let everyone know how things go! *Excited*
  11. by   friend97
    Thanks for the info, means alot!!
  12. by   CLUVRN
    Okay so it's the end of the week and orientation was Wed the 15th and Thurs the 16th. Got to meet the instructors and the other classmates, of course. From what I was told the people present at orientation was only like half of who will be there on Mon, which will be about 100 people. Got fitted for uniforms. Got our background checks done (you have to make an appointment to go to a UPS store to get your fingerprints done. Clinicals won't start for about six weeks, which will be the time our class gets split into A and B groups. Got our books for our two classes for the first half of the term, Intro to the RN Role and Med Surg. Books weigh a ton, be sure to get a rolling bookbag so that you won't throw out your back The program will last from May 20, 2013-May 22, 2014. We already have chapters out of each book assigned to read over the weekend and was told there could be a quiz Mon. Passing is 78% or better. You are allowed one retake if you fail a test or quiz. We were warned to keep on top of the readings or we fall will behind fast and it will be very difficult to catch up. Parking will be a nightmare as the parking spots at the school are VERY limited. You must have a parking decal on your car or you will be towed. Overflow parking is at a church parking lot about a mile away. There is shuttle service to and from the church from 7a-11p during school days. All I can say is expect to hit the ground running from the start, hopefully this year will go fast. Good luck to anyone considering going to school here! I'll be sure to update everyone on my progress from time to time as the year goes on!
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  13. by   friend97
    Wow!!guess no time can be wasted. Thanks for the update. I wish you good luck!
  14. by   TanishaW
    Oh wow....where is this school located?