Are the lpn to bsn programs scams?

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    At school we had the whole job fair deal and they had one table with a lpn to bsn program. The guy was nice and informative but than later I was told it was a scam that these programs do no exist and are not recognized. I do not understand why the school would allow them to come if it wasn't real but I just want to ask everyone else what they think. Is this true?
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    Yes, there are SOME programs that are scams. However, any type of nursing program can be a scam, not just LPN-BSN. I'm sure that your school would not have let a LPN-BSN program come if they were a scam... You can do some research on the school and look up their accreditation if you're still wary.
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    I'm betting it was a rep from the publishing company called the college network. Do a site search here on and/or on Google to see opinions of others who have experience.

    There is a legitimate distance LPN to BSN program at Indiana State University and a few physical schools across the country. The issue is that most LPN programs are vocational in nature not collegiate so few if any of the coursework is transferred to a BSN program.
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    There are multiple legitimate LPN-to-BSN programs across the US: Indiana State, University of Oklahoma, Tarleton State, and many others.

    As the previous poster mentioned, some publishing companies falsely represent themselves as legitimate LPN-to-BSN programs. The publishing companies are the ones with whom you need to exercise caution to avoid becoming disappointed.
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    I have read quite a few horror stories about The College Network. It really does sound like a scam.
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    I always say...choose a public school
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    You can call the nurses bored and ask what schools are legit..
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    Some are, I was told on Friday that the hospital I was shadowing in doesn't recognize the LPN to BSN from Excelsior college. Best bet is to go through a local college, or do a lot of research by calling the places you may want to work in the future and ask.
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    FYI--Excelsior does not offer an LPN to BSN program.
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    My mistake, your right she said RN-BSN.

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