Just Quit My LPN to RN Program

  1. I just emailed the dean of the school informing her that I'm dropping my program. Don't get me wrong: the program is great. It's rigorous, fast paced, and I had been doing well in my studies. I just psychologically could not handle not being able to work as much as I was before I started school and therefore not making as much money as I was before. I have never been without a job (often two or three at the same time) and look forward to working my butt off to make up for lost time. I've also realized being an RN is not all it's cracked up to be (just look at all the rants on job dissatisfaction on this site). I'm pretty satisfied with my decision and trying to be content with the fact that I'll be an LPN forever. I'm single with no kids so I can support myself well financially. Relief is the word that comes to mind to sum this whole experience up. Can't wait to get back to my pre-RN school life!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Good for you for recognizing what you want and being willing to drop the program. I know too many people who are miserable trying to live up to someone else's expectations, instead of being happy following their own path. Sounds like you know what your path is!

    Who knows, you may decide to pursue it later. If so, you'll have a good start, and a clear desire to do it.
  4. by   LPNnowRNhopefull
    @CLUVLPN - I certainly understand where you are coming from. I have been an LPN for 11 years, and I'm still at my same job since graduation. I love it! But I chose to go back to school at the peak of the recession, mostly because I got nervous about the future of LPNs.

    I have had some of the same feelings as you though. "It is not all it is cracked up to be..." you are right! But I will stick it out. I graduate in April 2014. I gotta admit though, it was hard giving up my $20+/hr to go to school. Even though I still work there on the weekends, it is not the same money.

    Best of luck!
    Fellow LPN
  5. by   norlns24
    Definite kudos to you for setting a goal for yourself, exploring it, and then deciding it was not right for you! You will always be able to look back with no regrets because you gave it a try. You should never have that "I wonder what would have been if..." feeling, because you gave it a shot, and discovered that more schooling at this point in our life was not right for you.

    Very mature decision and it sounds as though you thoroughly enjoy the work you do as an LPN and make a nice living at it. Also, you should hold your head high knowing you did what it took to get accepted into an LPN-RN bridge program. That in itself is a major accomplishment imo!
  6. by   lilprittynurse
    You can make it ! I've been an LPN for (ahem) 18 long years. A let me tell you LPN's are still valuable. I've done very WELL as an LPN and made VERY good money. I've been in situations where I was actually making more money that some of the new Grad RN's on the unit. I was also the new hire trainer and yup had to train the RN's too, why because my brain and ability did not define me as just a little pretty nurse. Now, I will say, at some point I got sick of "your just an LPN" and got stick of not receiving the respect I deserved from my other fellow nurses, however my pay check made me feel a whole lot better.
    My main reason for working on my LPN is becuase we are military and move a lot and I want to stay competive as we move around...and I'm ready to move on.
    But, don't be discouraged, you will be fine!
  7. by   CLUVRN
    Update: Yesterday I was an emotional mess from being overwhelmed due to having to work full-time and being a full-time student. I don't know, it kind of all hit me all at once and it caused me to temporarily come unglued. Just came from an hour long meeting with the dean, who convinced me to stick things out. After all it is only for nine more months. So I've decided to stay in the program. But thanks for the support, you guys! That's why I love coming to Allnurses!
  8. by   mlj8955
    Good for you, follow your heart and trust in God and you'll be alright. You've got courage that's plain to see.
  9. by   Tony1790
    I'm glad you are going to stick it out, 9 months will come to pass whether you stay in school or not. If you must, I'd go to part time and take out a few loans in order to stay in school!! I will graduate with my LPN to BSN in 3 1/2 months and I can't wait. I'm so tired of "you are just an LPN" ugh!

    Good luck with school, stay motivated.

    Tony in TN
  10. by   Tinker88
    Have you tried an online program or one where you are able to go part time?

    OMG I just saw update.

    I'm so glad you're sticking with it! You won't regret it in the future!
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  11. by   Caribbean Character
    Only you can decide what is best for you, I just hope no matter what you chose you do it for the right reasons. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your progress!!
  12. by   cjdmomma
    Well, for whatever its worth, this stranger on the internet thinks sticking it out was the right decision. I am looking at my last semester of school, and have worked the program with 3 kids. It is hard. I did it, though. You can too!

    Congrats on being able to have the self awareness to know that 1. something needed to change, 2. the fortitude to change it and lastly 3. the ability to realize you were having a bad time, and maybe were a little too hasty. Not a lot of people have the guts to do what you did. I commend you!
  13. by   CLUVRN
    You guys are right, I'm glad I decided to stick it out and just do what I need to graduate and get on up out of there. Like Tony said, nine months are going to go by whether I graduate or not, so I might as well have that degree and license I've been working so hard for It just gets hard sometimes with no emotional support. But I must soldier on and keep my eyes on the prize. Thanks again for the encouragement, you guys