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  1. Thank you for your sharing and selfless attitude. I am in my first semester of an ADN program and I'm pretty busy but, I'm going to put WGU on my radar for my next step.
  2. mlj8955

    Nursing Degrees: The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

    I am entering an ADN program this Fall, for me the decision was about cost. I was accepted into Duke's ABSN program but unfortunately I would have had to borrow every bit of the money. At my age (turning 59 this August) it didn't seem wise as Duke is very expensive. Without a doubt I would have been thrilled to have gone. However, I am proud to be going to a fine public community college, ACEN accredited, here in NC (College of the Albemarle). Some observations from my previous two careers: My first career was in the USMC, I was an officer, NO ONE cared where you went to school (except Naval Academy guys) only if you could do your job. After retiring I spent 18 years in public education, half in Special Education classrooms and half in Administration. Again...NO ONE cared where you went to school only that you were good at your job. Honestly I didn't care when I hired teachers, I didn't care about their GPA's, Praxis scores etc. I only cared that they could teach and maintain order and that they genuinely liked kids. Now I may be in for a rude awakening, if so it won't be my first but I hope to find that NO ONE cares I have an ADN, only that I do a good job. Commuter I always enjoy reading your posts! Thanks.
  3. mlj8955

    Left Speechless

    Well written. This was a moving story, and it was so refreshing seeing a story like this instead of some of the usual drivel and whining threads. I am a hospice volunteer and one of my patients (with ALS) has humbled me and has shown me that dying is part of living. Again, excellent writing and I wish I could meet this young man. Inspiring.