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Retired Marine, retired public school educator

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  1. mlj8955

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    I'm currently 60 (or as a female friend would say 30-30), although I look younger than my chronological age, and I'm more fit than any 19 year old I know, I get the stares and multiple questions about what I'm doing in nursing school from the RNs when I go on clinicals. I usually just smile, tell the truth that its something I've always wanted to do, and drive on. Ageism is real, it is not a figment of anyone's imagination. I encounter it every day but I cannot let other peoples biases stop me from pursuing my passions. If you run into a brick wall in life (ageism, racism, sexism, whatever 'ism',) and your not tough enough to knock it down, then climb it or go around it, or even under it, but don't pound your head against it because that really hurts! My pontification for the month.
  2. mlj8955

    Navy & nursing

    First let me qualify my remarks, I am not a Navy nurse, I am a nursing student going into my last year of an ADN program. However, in my first career I was a Marine, ergo I was around Navy nurses, doctors, and corpsman in peacetime, and sadly in two armed conflicts.(the Navy provides the Marines all medical and Chaplain support). Try this website: Carry Your Nursing Career Further in the US Navy Nurse Corps : Navy.com Personally, I would give anything to be young enough to go back in as a Navy nurse. If you want excitement, adventure, travel, personal and professional growth, and to work with a medical corps second to none, then look into the Navy. You also need to have the willingness to serve your country and to go into harms way. I retired from the Marine Corps many years ago, I envy those that still serve our country. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
  3. Dear Unsure: If I may offer some advice...Just do it if your heart says so, "remorse is the complement of hell" (Emily Dickinson), we all want do overs, so if it is really something you want just do it. I am going into my second year of an ADN program, this will be my third career, I will be 61, 2 months after graduation. The past year has been harder than 'woodpecker lips' but so far I have zero regrets. I have always wanted to be in the field of medicine. I left a very promising career in public education to pursue something I am passionate about. Just go for it!
  4. Thank you for your sharing and selfless attitude. I am in my first semester of an ADN program and I'm pretty busy but, I'm going to put WGU on my radar for my next step.
  5. mlj8955

    How Old is "to old" to START a nursing education?

    Follow your heart. I am 58 years of age, I am starting nursing school this August (ADN) program. There are obstacles everywhere in life, just decide if you're ready to negotiate the foreseen and unseen obstacles ahead. I have already met my classmates, one lady is 53, the other 28 students are under 25. Bottom line if this is something you want to do just do it. Question...do you want to be 64 and look back and wish you had pursued this dream?
  6. mlj8955

    Nursing Degrees: The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

    I am entering an ADN program this Fall, for me the decision was about cost. I was accepted into Duke's ABSN program but unfortunately I would have had to borrow every bit of the money. At my age (turning 59 this August) it didn't seem wise as Duke is very expensive. Without a doubt I would have been thrilled to have gone. However, I am proud to be going to a fine public community college, ACEN accredited, here in NC (College of the Albemarle). Some observations from my previous two careers: My first career was in the USMC, I was an officer, NO ONE cared where you went to school (except Naval Academy guys) only if you could do your job. After retiring I spent 18 years in public education, half in Special Education classrooms and half in Administration. Again...NO ONE cared where you went to school only that you were good at your job. Honestly I didn't care when I hired teachers, I didn't care about their GPA's, Praxis scores etc. I only cared that they could teach and maintain order and that they genuinely liked kids. Now I may be in for a rude awakening, if so it won't be my first but I hope to find that NO ONE cares I have an ADN, only that I do a good job. Commuter I always enjoy reading your posts! Thanks.
  7. mlj8955

    Racial Refusals In Nursing

    It is sad that people don't judge someone on the content of their character. It is also very, very sad...and ignorant, when people say things like "klan country" and former Confederate states, to speak disparagingly of Southerners or Southern states. I have lived in 17 states, served 21 years in the Marines, am multi-ethnic, and spent 18 years in public school education. Interestingly, the least prejudice place I ever lived was Mississippi (2008-2012), as a rule the most prejudice people I ran across, black and white were from the Northeast. I try not to generalize, there are always exceptions. As a Principal,I handled cases from both ends, of black parents not wanting white teachers and vice versa, I never allowed their requests, I took the time to explain why and I never had to eat crow. I hope I never run into this in nursing, but if I do I'll try educating first.
  8. mlj8955

    Left Speechless

    Well written. This was a moving story, and it was so refreshing seeing a story like this instead of some of the usual drivel and whining threads. I am a hospice volunteer and one of my patients (with ALS) has humbled me and has shown me that dying is part of living. Again, excellent writing and I wish I could meet this young man. Inspiring.
  9. mlj8955

    UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    I'm in also...now to find a place to live!!!
  10. mlj8955

    Just Quit My LPN to RN Program

    Good for you, follow your heart and trust in God and you'll be alright. You've got courage that's plain to see.
  11. mlj8955

    Has anyone discouraged you from nursing?

    My thoughts for what they are worth: Keep peace with yourself and God (if you are a believer) which means suit yourself not others; follow your heart. As the Bard said "To thine own self be true". I just turned 58, my Mom thinks I'm nuts because I quit work and am working on my prerequisites full time for nursing school, I left a good paying job as a Principal of a middle school to pursue a life long dream working in medicine. Don't listen to others, negativity abounds, even on this website. This will be my third career (retired US Marine and Educator), keep your head down, these people thrive on dragging others down, lift yourself up!
  12. mlj8955

    UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    You are correct according to my understanding. It has cost me $ also (the delay) as I had to take classes and buy books for a separate program that is one of my alternatives to Duke. Still, in all I'll go to Duke if I'm accepted and most importantly if I can borrow the $.
  13. mlj8955

    UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    I got an e-mail saying Aug-Sep timeframe.
  14. mlj8955

    UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    No, I stayed on top of my application to the point where I know I became a real nuisance (it was NOT a smooth process), I did get an interview (19th). I was very impressed with the facilities, the staff, the professionalism. During the panel discussion with current and past ABSN students a brave young lady asked about the costs, her word was "daunting", I smiled thinking she asked the question I was going to, the response was a very pregnant pause. I even brought it up in my interview, probably not the smartest thing however, my choice, the looks they gave me was as if I had just suffered from flatulence. At the end of the day a fellow from the admissions office gave what amounted to a diatribe about the cost equaling the quality, and the world class cutting edge technology blah, blah. All VERY true, no arguments. If I were 20 years younger or the age of most of the people there I wouldn't blink but I'm 57, (58 in 2 weeks) and the cost is daunting. I wish I had waited to apply and tried for the HRSA nursing scholarship (not open for starting in January). In summary, I do hope they call you and good luck. Personally I think it would be worth going.
  15. mlj8955

    New grad friendly parts of NC?

    I'm a pre-nursing student, 3rd career, CNA right now (first career Marines, second career was public school education, teacher then administrator, Here is a link for the Level1-3 trauma hospitals. NC DHSR OEMS: Designated Trauma Centers Check out Vidant they run a Level 1 hospital in Greenville, NC, hour to the coast, home of East Carolina University (they have a nursing school, medical school, PA school), I live about an hour from there (on the coast) but I was a patient there, awesome hospital, they do have a "new" nurse program. Have you ever considered the military? You can work for DOD even as a civilian. Check out usajobs.com
  16. mlj8955

    UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    I applied to Duke for Jan 2014 and will be attending Duke Days July 19th. I'm very apprehensive about the cost. However, I am honored to have gotten this far.

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