How many Prereqs will I need for my BSN?

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    I am looking for advice on how many prereq classes it will take for my BSN. I do understand that every school is different but I am just looking to get a general idea so I can start taking these classes and be a step closer to becoming a an RN-BSN.

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    Some are
    Anatomy and physiology 1 and 2
    One more science usually biology
    2 English classes
    2 phycology
    2 semesters of a language
    There are then classes like
    Gym, the arts, humanities

    I hope that helps a little
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    The ore-reqs seem like a lot, but don't let it discourage you. I just started my first job as a RN and I am floating on air. Love it!
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    Born to RN
    Where you a LPN first?
    Did you do ADN? or BSN?
    What state are you in?
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    Thank you so much. The list you gave me is pretty much a standard for most schools and if you opt to go the private school route, they told me that they have a few classes their school requires you to take. What I am trying to do is take all of the prereqs needed prior to starting my BSN so all I have to pay for is the actual nursing program. Thanks again for the advice.
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    I'd say before you start taking classes you think you might need, check out the schools you are interested in and find out for sure what their pre-reqs are. It would be such a waste of time, energy and $ to take a class only to find out its not the right course or finding out you didn't need it at all but needed another one.
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    Just to add, I don't know what your time schedule is, but some classes expire after a certain amount of years, like anatomy and physiology for example.
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    Every school is different in terms of what prereqs you need. However, anatomy/physiology 1 & 2 and microbiology are guaranteed required at any nursing school, so you might as well start with those. I would recommend not taking these at the same time though. Take A&P and micro in separate semesters. I mean, it can be done together, but if you want to have a life () take them in separate semesters.
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    Mine were:
    Physiology/Lab (Separate from Anatomy)
    Comp 1 & 2
    College Algebra
    Humanities Elective
    Human Development
    Public Speaking
    Electives equaling up to 63 credit hours total...
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    BE VERY CAREFUL with private schools. While you'll get your nursing degree, most of the credits will not transfer if you decide to go on. I did that for my LPN. Spent way too much money and had to do every single pre-req over again.

    With that said, I think for most school, BSNs require about 70-90 pre-req hours.
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