Yay! I got in!! From Alternate to finally being accepted!! Yay! I got in!! From Alternate to finally being accepted!! | allnurses

Yay! I got in!! From Alternate to finally being accepted!!

  1. 2 Yay!!! I'm super duper excited!!!!!

    I actually went to the bathroom and punched myself to see if it was for real! lol! I know, I know... but after how many years of waiting and countless rejections, can you blame me for double checking to see if I was really dreaming??? lol


    SO now i'm stressing to get all of my immunizations, nursing kits, books, uniform, etc. before class starts!!

    I will hit the ground running on those and I gotta keep myself organized so that I don't miss a requirement... oh oh and TEAS V test! ahhhhh!! I hope I do well
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    Congrats! I am waiting to see if I was accepted. : /
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    Congrats! I have one more semester to go in my LPN-RN bridge program !
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    Stefone! I hope you get in! Just keep your fingers crossed and I will do mine for you =)

    Prettymica! That's exactly that route that I will be doing!! I figured it would be less competition from other applicants to do the bridge program. Does your school require you to have experience working as an LVN to be accepted into your bridge program? If yes, did you cut your hours to be at school? Or did you stay full-time and attended school?
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    YAY!! I got in! Can you believe they called me at 7pm?? I already cried 3 times and was composing my thread saying boohoo and they CALLED!!!! WOW!!! super duper excited, too!!!

    soon-to-be-lpn-God-willing!!! ok, that's too long of an i.d. but I am happy.....!!!!!!
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    congrats to you!
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    Congrats mama!!! Try to get a teas study guide from library or online to help u prepare and good luck