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Hey, I am really not sure what Im doing about my job at the hospital because as of now they cant keep me part time and guarantee my days off for school. Now Im not even sure if per diem would even work out. I didnt realize they... Read More

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    I work two jobs while doing nursing school, and there is no such thing as a day off. My school schedule is 7-2:15 Monday - Friday (Thursday and Friday are longer, 6-3:30 clinical hours), and my work schedule is a sitter/companion job at a nursing home from 4pm-6pm Mon - Thurs, and then from Friday to Sunday I work for a microbrewery at Disney for Friday 5-11, Sat 11am-11pm and Sunday 11am-11pm (with some fluctuations depending on business). I spend time with friends one evening a week, and I treasure my time at my weekend job because I get to goof off with co-workers and get a break from academia. Our LPN program is intense too, and we're down to 8 out of the original 26. Everyone else besides myself who worked failed out, which is why I advise against new students planning to rely on a steady paycheck. You don't want those odds!

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