Whats wrong with working in a nursing home?

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    I have heard a lot of people discourage becoming a LVN saying that the only jobs available for LVNs are in nursing homes. I'm not sure if its only in Texas, but I wouldn't mind working in a nursing home as long as I'm helping people. Is there something I don't know?

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    It's not that there is anything wrong with working in a nursing home. It's the thought that this is the only thing you can do until you become an RN. In FL there might be only 3 hospitals that allow LPNs to work there with decent pay and doing the things they learned. I would prefer not to work in a nursing home. I work there as a CNA, not really my forte.
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    Thank you for your perspective. I don't plan on being a LVN for too long just long enough to get my pre reqs for a RN program. Thank you.
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    I like nursing homes (well I've only worked at one... So I should say I liked the only one I worked at a lot) as a CNA. I don't see me having any issues being happy there as a LPN. I think it really depends. There are still LPN jobs in hospitals here in Michigan but not as many as RN's..
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    LTC is just not for some people. Here in NY a lot of LPNs do LTC but also the clinics and doctor offices. I go to clinical sites for school and they have past grads from my program which is nice to see. However, some people just do no like nursing homes. I personally prefer the clinics so far. I didn't love or hate the nursing home, I didn't love or hate the medical or surgical floor in the hospitals, but I do always love the clinics! I never want to go home, I don't mind staying late! It's just personal preference is all.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with it, the only problem I would have with it is if that's the only job you can have as a LPN. Being a practical nursing student I'm looking forward to working in the hospital. Our lpn scope of practice is wider than in the US though so I know I have options, it's good to have options.
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    Thanks guys. I don't start my nursing program until August 2013 and won't start my clinicals until a few months in. Every nurse is different I suppose and prefer different work environments.
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    I really enjoy working with the elderly but I do not want to work in a nursing home. That being said, I know as an LVN I will probably end up working on one.

    The reasons I'd rather not work in a nursing home are as follows:
    1) the poor funding leads to a lack of supplies, often. I mean soap dispensers and sanitizer are not accessible as they should be when providing patient care
    2) some nurses who run the places, or cnas who run the places, don't know enough to actually be in their positions and they make poor clinical decisions that affect patients. I mean, for example, people who routinely don't follow precautions, out of lack of knowledge
    3) lack of organizationAl systems. I have a back ground in both business and teaching so I know systems are necessary to meet goals. I don't see these in place often enough.
    4) I don't like seeing call lights unanswered for 30 mins at a time,, I don't like seeing people who are confined to bed also being forced to sit in their own bowel movements for hours.

    Call me am idealist, but my experience has shown that these are routine occurrences in LTC.
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    Here in PA, majority of the LPNs work in LTC. A lot of people say that nursing homes are a lot to deal with and is too stressul.
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