What is your school schedule like?

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    I start LPN clinicals in September at Davenport University in Michigan.

    NURS Fundamentals Lecture

    Fundamentals Clinical placements

    A+P II
    A+P II Lab

    I will also be working.

    I hear about people in school from 8-5 Mon-Fri.

    What does your schedule look like

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    I am in my senior year so MF I go to class from 8am-230pm and TWTH I go to clinical from 7am-12pm
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    For LPN?
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    Monday thru Friday 7-1:45. It's not broken up like your school does it. My school works in blocks. Block 1 is fundamentals and body structure.
    Block 2 is pharm and med surg
    Block 3 is psych, peds/maternity, and hospice care. 4 months got each block. Next month starts block 3 for me. Yay!
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    I am in my final level. Started out the level with Endocrine and GU Med-Surg, then Mental Health and OB. Now we're in Peds and Leadership.

    MT - Clinical 7am - 2:30pm
    W TR - Leadership 8am - 11am; Peds 12pm - 4pm
    F - HESI Competency 9am - 12pm
    Sa - 12 Hour Clinical for those who wish to forego MT clinical (I do 12 hours) 7am - 7:30pm

    Once this level is finished (in 3 weeks) the program ends! Whoop whoop!
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    Quote from granolatrees
    For LPN?
    Yelp lpn
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    I'm currently enrolled in an LPN Program at Vermont State this is how my schedule looks like this fall:

    Nurse-Client Relationship
    Thursday, 0800am-1100am

    Nursing I- Principles and Practice
    Monday, 0800am-1100am & Thursday, 1200pm-1400pm

    Tuesday & Wednesday, 0800-1500

    I've completed my A&P I &II, Nutrition class, and Pharmacology.

    Good luck to us this year!!
    Read! Read! Read!

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    I'm going into my second semester, our classes are not broken down by days of the week, but every week we will be participating in nursing arts, a&p2, health challenges, personal and professional relationships, pharmacology, administration of medication, and health and healing. This is going to be a tough tough semester, I work with people who recently finished the program I'm in and they are giving me hints and pointers and help all summer long. I'll be glad to move onto the 3rd semester in February.
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    LPN school starts August 19th for me. This is my fall schedule:

    August 19-October 10
    Fundamentals of Nursing
    MW 9-4
    TTh 8-4:30
    Skills lab is on TTh.

    October 14-December 13
    Med-Surg I
    MW 9-12
    TTh 6:30-12:45
    Clinicals are TTh.

    I really like how it's set up where one has to focus on just one class at the time 1st semester.
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    I feel like you all are spending so much more time in class/clinicals than I have scheduled. Unless I'm seriously missing something, I believe my lecture/lab/clinical time is pretty short and isolated in comparison.

    The program is approved by the MI BON, so it must be on par. But I'm grateful I don't have to have the in-seat time commitment you folks have, to be honest.

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