Trade Schools- Are they a waste of money? Is anyone happy with a trade school?

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    I am currently having a hard time deciding what to do. Currently, I have all my pre-reqs done to enroll in a Nursing program aside from A & P and micro. Only issue I am having is, due to budget cuts, there is a 2 year waiting list for a two year nursing program for RN.

    I tried private school and was enrolled, and then they called me into the office and said I wouldn't be able to get into their program because I had to have a 3.5 (which they told my my GPA would be sufficient enough to get in before I enrolled). So, I am stuck with a trade school... I am going to try to go for LVN ($20,000) which it would seem a little more practical than paying $80,000 for an RN program. I at least can get my foot in the door as an LVN.

    All the reviews I have read about trade schools are absolutely awful and discouraging. So what I want to know, is paying $20,000 for an LVN program a bad investment considering I might now get a good education? Is there anyone who goes to a trade school who is happy with the education they are receiving?

    Would it be smarter and more cost efficient to enroll in an MA program (the MA program I want to go to is $8,000 without financial aid), and get a job as an MA so I have some experience?

    I need some advice as to what direction to go in. I'm afraid to pay for something if I am not getting what I need out of it! I know a lot of people who feel the same way! Any advice would be awesome!

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    I went to a trade school, and loved it!
    I graduated 2009, and I'm working at a LTC on a rehab floor and a VA day care.

    I start a ADN program in January.

    Good luck
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    I went to a trade school for medical assisting and I am now in a lpn program. I personally wish I would've just done this to start with. I am happy so far although I just started 2 weeks ago,, I am confident I will pass my nclex and work as a nurse so I think the tuition even though it's high is worth it
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    Where i am most places will hire the trade school graduate over our community college graduate. I can't speak for all but our program is intense and not for the faint of heart. I am going to the trade school and transferred there from the community college. Been here for 11 weeks and have learned more than i ever did in the 11 months i was at the community college.
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    I wouldn't do the ma program. I heard they get paid very Low and its not worth the money you spend for school
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    I currently attend a LPN program at my town's vocational center. I think it was a great decision to attend this school. We have a small class (only 20 of us) and wonderful instructors. I will say the prices of the programs you are looking at are crazy LPN school for me is only gonna cost around $6000.
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    I go to a technical college. The LPN program here is a little under 4000. I love it! I think it all depends on what school you go to. Our school is very well accepted in the community and most of all the graduates find jobs at the places we do clinicals. And then there are programs in our area, that aren't well accepted.
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    I have an AAS in Medical Assisting from a university. Although I did like the job it didn't pay very well ($13/hr in my area) and is very limited on positions as Kansas does not use them widely yet. There is also not very many opportunities for advancement. So I am now in a technical program for LPN. The years bill only totals about $5k. The thing is though that the technical program at MATC is the best in the area (not counting KU which is 2 hrs away). They have a high job placement rate to the point that around graduation local hospitals and facilities will call the school asking for names of grads to pursue for jobs. A technical school is not bad but do your research. What is their dropout rate? What percent of grads pass the NCLEX on the first try? Are they accredited (very important as some friends at Brown Mackie are mad that they lost their accreditation and they have to do school all over)? Good luck as this is a very big decision!
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    Love my trade school! It is highly regarded (a HH organization recruits us before we even graduate), the credits transfer into all surrounding community colleges, and it is just under 4k for tuition. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find regular colleges that still offer LPN, so as long as the institution is fully accredited and you do your research, I'd definitely recommend it.
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    My LVN program was at a private not-for-profit trade school in the Los Angeles area that had been founded in the middle 1960s and had a decent reputation in the local healthcare community.

    The RN bridge program that I attended was at a for-profit trade school in the Midwest. The school had a less-than-stellar reputation in the local nursing community, but it lead to the RN license that I have today.

    I also completed a MA program at a for-profit storefront school back in 2000 when I was 19 years old, but that was a total waste of time, effort, and money since I was never able to secure employment as a medical assistant.

    Overall, I have very few regrets about having attended trade schools.

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