Today's the day!

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    I'm off for my first day at school! Excited beyond words and fingers crossed that in 13 months I'll be an LPN. I'm a little apprehensive that I won't be able to juggle everything, so it will be interesting to see how it all works out.

    Wish me luck!
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    You have gotten this far, you WILL manage everything just fine. Best wishes!
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    Congratulations i start my program sept 8..... let me know how ur first day goes....
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    Congrats good luck!
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    Congratulations and good luck. I know what you mean about the juggling though. I have to work and go to school myself so im going to just hope for the best. My program is only 11 months though
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    Congrats. Let's us know how its going from time to time. I'd like to know what to expect.
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    Yea me too! I start in September
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    I start September 8th too!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sept 3rd for me! (MI)
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    September 22nd for me!!
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