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  1. internationalsarah


    Congratulations! I graduate in another 7 weeks and can't wait. What happens on the other end of nursing school is a little daunting though. Somehow I don't feel fully prepared for the NCLEX or work - I need to get over my nerves!!
  2. internationalsarah

    Spinoff thread-A or pass

    I have been able to sustain a 4.0 for now. I have 3 pre-reqs for my RN left, and doubt very much that I will be able to get through Math with an A. I recently started the LPN class at my CC and again, am maintaining an A. I would like to think that I can complete both courses with an A, but if I do find myself slipping down to a B I beat myself up over it and try harder. A&P I was close, but I made it!
  3. internationalsarah

    Finished the first module

    I have been in the LPN program for 5 weeks now. The first module for my school is the Nursing Assistant program, and I passed it with flying colors! I am now eligible to sit the State Boards for CNA, but probably won't. It did give me a great foundation though and I will probably be a better nurse for the experience. CNA's work super hard and the facility that we did our clinical hours at was a fantastic learning opportunity. I now have a 4-day weekend to relax with my family and will be starting A&P on Tuesday. We met with the instructor today and he said that if we had done the A&P prereq's for the RN program, his class would be 10 times easier. Not too worried about it now.
  4. internationalsarah

    2014 LPN students

    Three weeks into the program at my local CC. The first unit is the CNA class so we have been learning the basics of care and skills. Weekly exams, a class presentation and we started NA clinicals last week. Two more weeks to go before we can mock test for the NA state boards if we wish.
  5. internationalsarah

    Today's the day!

    I'm off for my first day at school! Excited beyond words and fingers crossed that in 13 months I'll be an LPN. I'm a little apprehensive that I won't be able to juggle everything, so it will be interesting to see how it all works out. Wish me luck!
  6. internationalsarah

    Step up from CNA to LPN...help!

    My local community college has an LPN program, but the first 5 weeks are essentially the nursing assistant program. If you are already a CNA you don't have to enter until after the first 5 weeks.
  7. internationalsarah

    2014 LPN students

    I'm eager to get started. The first 5 weeks are CNA training, so we will only be half a class at first (CNA's get to skip the first session). Now I just need to make sure my kids have everything they need for back to school.
  8. internationalsarah

    2014 LPN students

    I'll be starting an LPN program on Monday. So excited to finally start my journey.
  9. internationalsarah

    Anyone have these feelings?!?!

  10. internationalsarah

    Anyone have these feelings?!?!

    I don't start school until Monday, but I can imagine that having the computer shut off at 75 questions can be a huge anticlimax. You have spent years working towards this day and then suddenly it's all over. The computer decided that you either know your stuff or you don't and you didn't get a chance to fight your case. Have you tried the PVT? Perhaps that will ease your anxiety a little?
  11. internationalsarah

    Good hand lotion?

    I was a nail tech in a former life and swear by Creative Nail's Cucumber Heel Therapy. Not just for feet, it works well on any dry skin, elbows, hands...
  12. internationalsarah

    Dansko EU/US sizing discrepancy?

    I can't speak specifically for Dansko's (yet), but having lived in Europe I can tell you that I am an 8 - 8.5 and consistently wear a 39/40 in Euro sizing so the fact that you found 40's too small isn't surprising. I would go with a 42.
  13. internationalsarah

    A&P accelerated ?

    It depends on your personal situation. If you live at home, no kids, no job and can dedicate all day to studying, then go for it. I did AP1 as a 16 week class and we had quizzes every week with an exam every 4 weeks - usually covering 2-4 chapters. A classmate and I considered doing the 5 week AP2 summer class but decided that would give us 1 exam each week. There is a lot of memorization for AP1 (haven't taken AP2 yet, so can't comment on that) and I would think that rather than committing everything to long term memory you run the risk of brain dumping for exams
  14. internationalsarah

    NCLEX-My promise if I passed! Passed at 75 questions

    Congratulations! My journey is just beginning - I start my LPN course in 12 days and on to my RN from there. Can't wait for the day when I can write 'RN' after my name!
  15. internationalsarah

    Traveling with school-age kids

    I know that you don't want to homeschool, but what about an online curriculum for your local school district? Your children won't have to suffer being the 'new kid' all year, you won't have the burden of creating a curriculum and purchasing supplies. I am just beginning my nursing career (start my LPN course in 2 weeks), but my husband and I have discussed the possibility of travel nursing. We are going to wait until both of our children are in college (10 more years), and I will work my way up to RN. By this time he will be retired and we can enjoy travelling the country without worrying about the kids.
  16. internationalsarah

    Roll Call 2014

    I got pulled up to the July class! So excited to be starting my journey next month.