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  1. New Grad LPN getting frustrated!!!

    Yes I was being realistic. Thank you for responding. I am done with this post. I've made my decision.
  2. New Grad LPN getting frustrated!!!

    Thank you , I know CNA experience is not nursing experience, but I know it can sometimes help depending on the type of job, because I may be required to do more hands on patient care is all. It seems that $20 and above is what a lot of people have b...
  3. New Grad LPN getting frustrated!!!

    I graduated in August and due to financial issues wasn't able to get licensed until December. I have been looking hard for jobs and have had 4 interviews with two of those extending job offers, but the pay is just so low. ($17 at one and $18 at the o...
  4. 85 questions PN NCLEX

    I passed with 85 questions
  5. Gwinnett tech lpn to rn bridge

    Oh ok nice. Yes I still have prerequisites to take. I will be ready to apply next January though.
  6. Gwinnett tech lpn to rn bridge

    Hello, I plan to apply for the summer 2017 bridge. Have you taken the Kaplan already?

    My advice is this, focus on getting the greenlight so you can take the test! The NCLEX is easier than ATI and quite frankly, its just not hard. Yes you MAY encounter a lot of SATA questions but if you do, as long as you know your content you should b...
  8. NCLEX-PN 12/29/15

    Congratulations! Isn't GA BON great, they had my license posted in less than 24 hrs! So do you have any jobs already lined up?
  9. Follow up on a job application

    I am in the beginning stages of my job hunt myself but I would recommend that in the future if you have completed an online app, and waited up to two weeks with no response, then go in to the facility with resume in hand and ask to speak with the DON...
  10. Taking nclex-pn next week. any advices?

    If you have the online access to Saunders, just do SATA practice questions and prioritization questions. Also review fundamentals and testing strategies and you should do fine. The NCLEX is not hard, and you sound prepared so dont psych yourself out....
  11. Just took nclex-pn

    That's funny you say that. I was waiting for my test to get harder as well, but it never did!
  12. Passed NCLEX PN first try! Dec 2015

    First off Congratulations on passing the NCLEX PN, but I am curious to know about your jobs prospects considering the fact that you are almost 5years post graduation. While I am not in your situation exactly, I did have to wait about 4months after g...
  13. Does this mean I passed?

    I would say yes. My credentials were posted on the BON less that 24hrs since my test. They hadn't even closed out my application or sent me an email saying my license had been issued yet(they sent the email and closed my app later that day) so I woul...
  14. Nclex PN. Good pop up but still anxious!

    My goodness, that has to be overly nerve racking, to have to wait so long. I hope the PVT trick is accurate for you hun. I also took the NCLEX-PN on the 8th, but I'm in GA, so there is quick results, so there is no need for a PVT, thankfully for me ...
  15. Career options for LPN? Possible different career field?

    Occupational health.