Staff at the nursing school I was accepted to are being discouraging and rude

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    I went for a CPR course yesterday because I am starting a nine month full time LPN program next month. When I went to talk to financial aid and see how much my financial aid was going to cover she asked me if I had worked in a hospital setting before and when I said no she looked horrified and told me that "this is going to be a very hard year for you" and then asked me if "I realized how much studying is involved."

    This is a very competitive school that only takes 20 students and the people that interviewed me knew ahead of time that I have no medical background. I realize that nursing school is hard and I feel like I am prepared for it. Why would somebody try to discourage a student from attending their school?

    It really shook my confidence and I have been doubting myself every since. I graduated high school in 2011 and have been doing pre-requisites every since so I have a pretty good grasp on the human body and pharmacology skills. I am not denying that the next year will probably be the hardest of my life but this is what I want to do with my life.

    One of the instructors came into the room while I was there and she was very friendly and said how excited she was to be my instructor and asked if I was ready for class to start. Why was the financial aid lady so rude? Shouldnt you encourage students to be excited to attend your school?
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    Maybe she was having a bad day?
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    Look at this way, she most likely makes around minimum wage and probably will for the rest of her life. Yes, no doubt it will be hard. However, with hard work, I sincerely believe you will persevere. Keep your head and don't let anyone drag you down.
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    Don't let anyone discourage you.I am 46, never worked in the medical field before beginning this nursing program. Yes, of course it's difficult, life can be difficult. You will find negativity in all places, but don't let that throw you off of your personal course. you will encounter all types of people, you can not control others, but you can control your reaction to how you are treated. Ask yourself if it is really worth getting upset about, and it defintely is not. stay the course, Nursing school is tough, but you can get through it. Take negative comments, and toss them aside. Just take what you need and leave the rest. Next time a comment like that comes along, just smile and say, "great I love a challenge". Good luck!
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    Don't let them get to you! Sometimes, it could just be plain jealously. I was the youngest out of my program as well and I got plenty of snide remarks. But I kept on going & I made it through You can too!
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    I'm sure the financial aid rep knows SO much about the nursing program and how hard it is. The first place I go to for academic advisement is the financial aid dept.

    In case you didn't know, I'm being sarcastic. LOL

    Seriously though... You'll most likely encounter some "colorful" people when you start your LPN program. Consider her remarks a sneak preview.

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    I know that it may seem as if they are being discouraging but this what you would call weeding out week. I have been in nursing school for a year now and my 1st year was hell. I didn't think my instructor was friendly but as I got in to my 3rd semester she took me to the side and explained her method. She could see in the students that were serious about being nurses and took the time in the lab and studying. she also said that the world of nursing is a shark frenzy and the instructor wants their students to perform under stressful situations. So in closing keep your head up and so no fear and keep going for what you want being strong makes a good nurse.
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    You are cut out for this and you will be awesome. Put this in perspective: she's an admin in the financial aid office, a position that may not even require a degree. There is a reason why she is there and you are where you are. Her crappy attitude is her problem. Don't let it be yours.
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    To be blunt, you'll need to grow some skin. Don't let a financial aid person ruin your future and dissuade you from pursuing your dream career. You should be more than capable of succeeding in this program without healthcare experience as long as you take your studying and clinical times seriously.

    I think with time you'll start to care less about what others think and react less to their words. I'm only in my mid-twenties and I am just beginning to truly not care what others say about me; however at 18-19 I know it's hard. Just take our word for it (me and the other posters above) and keep going.
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    Yeah, one word: JEALOUSY. She wishes she were in your shoes -- and what does she know about how difficult the program is, has she even tried? I had no prior medical background and just graduated an accelerated BSN with honors.

    Keep on moving, don't even give that sourpuss a second thought ...
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