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For my school we have to have all white shoes with a leather top. I am not sure what brand to get or even where to get them. I checked at Walmart, payless and the shoe dept. If anyone has any... Read More

  1. by   Love78
    I used the white Danskos. They are expensive but are the best most comfortable shoes there is for nursing. They are durable and worth it. Make sure you purchase a size bigger. You have to get used to them. I started wearing them when I had class all day and then I started using them for clinicals.
  2. by   jlogan
    I have a pair of white Skechers work slip resistant shoes that I payed around 60.00 for. I wear these to work as a CNA in long term care 12 hour shifts. I find them to be very comfy. I got them at Shoe Carnival.
  3. by   MissJessica61
    I'm going to be going shopping for shoes soon! Kinda sucks that all the good ones are sold online and I'm not too excited about wearing white either but I'm excited!!! I want something super comfortable and wide width!! I've been looking at cute crocs online but who knows!!!!
  4. by   Bethhosek
    I have to agree about the Dansko shoe. They are pricey about $125 but well worth every penny. I work as a CNA and I am in nursing school. Sometimes I work at 16 hour double shift and they save me!
  5. by   NursinginProgress
    Well, prior to becoming a LPN and able to afford anything, I went to Walmart and purchased these tred-safe nursing shoes for 15.00. They were so comfortable and I could dance in Crisco and wouldn't slip and fall and easy to clean. Once I became a LPN, I purchased the infamous Danskos in Patent Leather ( at our local Uniform store. So, I totally understand the need for comfort, style, and budget for the survival of nursing school and the career itself. Good luck, stay happy and keep nursing! ^_^
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  6. by   nekozuki
    You get what you pay for! I'd definitely recommend splurging on a good pair of shoes, because walmart shoes will kill your feet! Nurses are practically athletes from the ankles down, with all the pacing up and down halls, lack of a comfy chair and lifting; why not get an athletic shoe? It is meant to protect feet during intense activity. And before you wear them, put some good insoles in there, too! Your feet will thank you, and you won't spend the last hour of clinicals shifting back and forth, fixated on how much your feet ache!
  7. by   jaycee15
    I think I might go with a pair of rockports for 60 bucks. I tried them on and they were amazing. I definitely think comfort is worth the price. I have needy feet. Lol
  8. by   meatballgirl
    I'm having trouble with shoes. I wear tennis shoes, but I'm allergic to the socks, or the elastic on the socks and have developed a bad rash on both ankles. I usually don't wear socks with my shoes. Anyway, I'm hoping they'll let us wear Toms, but I don't think so. I need to get a shoe which will let me wear without socks.