shoes for clinicals?


For my school we have to have all white shoes with a leather top. I am not sure what brand to get or even where to get them. I checked at Walmart, payless and the shoe dept. If anyone has any suggestions Please feel free to tell me. (:


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I wore reebok low tops in white they were very comfortable when you are up on your feet most of the time during clinicals


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are they expensive? I don't know how much I should spend on them. I want a good quality shoe but I don't want to pay too much


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yea they have them at jc penny for 40 dollars


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That's a good price. Ill definitely check them out. Thank you!


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Shoes that don't kill your feet after wearing them 12+ hours are worth any price they ask. Which is why I went to a running store (a real one, not a mall wanna-be) and tried on 8 different pairs of shoes and spent time walking around in them and etc. I have heel spurs so I can't wear most shoes. Payless and Walmart are usually no good for me because their shoes kill my feet inside of an hour. I ended up buying a pair of all white Nikes for an outrageous amount of money.. and they have been worth every nickel. You get what you pay for.


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The best shoes I've found (and I have bad arches) are Propet Walkers in white. They're a washable leather and are super comfortable, give great support, and can keep me on my feet for hours and hours. I got mine several years ago at DSW for around $40-$45.

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The very best shoe I could recommend is Dansko's but they are pricey ($100+). Besides that you can find plain white Nikes that are pretty comfortable for about $40.


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I bought a pair of Cherokee Transcends Patricia clogs (looks very similar to a Dansko) at my local uniform store and they were about $65 on sale. They are very well cushioned and feel great on my feet.

I do have a pair of Danskos professionals in black that I wear to my job as a waitress. They are a very well structured shoe but beware- they DO have a very firm footbed. My shifts at the restaurant last about 4 to 5 hours and while my feet feel supported, at the end of a shift they do feel pretty beat up. It's also hard to wear an insole in Danskos because it crowds your foot too much.


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Danskos! They are leather. Spendy but I worked 12 hour shifts as a CNA and they saved my feet. I'm willing to pay to not be sore.


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I think I found the perfect shoe for me. They're about sixty. I forgot what brand they were but they feel great. Ill do some more looking around and definitely try everyone's suggestions