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I started my 12 month LVN program in June of last, year. I officially graduated of June of this year. My school then informed us of a page in the catalog that requires mandatory NCLEX review. 6 weeks... Read More

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    Of course you do, or you may not pass the NCLEX and those scores would reflect on the school and the accreditation they probably almost lost before they made students take the review.

    Don't believe for two seconds they're doing it for YOUR benefit. Consult an attorney.
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    My school doesnt have the same rules. We arent allowed to take a review course somewhere else we have to attend every day of the 6 week course there.And my issue is i cannot attend my school anymore as its too far away from meAnd i wasnt aware it was more than 12 months. Unfortunatly Since i cant attend anymore i need myDiploma and transcripts or i just wasted 20 thousand that i have no way to pay back.
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    Well I would not give up. You need to find a way to make it there. You didn't spend all of that money for nothing.
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    What they are doing is illegal.
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    ditto, consult with a lawyer... it doesn't hurt to call up a lawyer and explain the situation, see if you have a case.
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    Worst case scenario, you may have to bite the bullet and attend the six week course. Litigation would probably cost you more than six weeks of your time and gas money. You've already spent $20,000 and you're literally too close to the finish line to stop now. You've signed on the dotted line...technically...the school might have the upper hand because the contract is considered legally binding even if they did not schedule the review course in the appropriate time frame...but that may also be your ace in the hole. But I think you might just want to take the course and try to get a lawyer later once you get what you paid for.
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    I start the nursing program in one week. At my school after you graduate you come back the next week and take a four or five day NCLEX review class. You have to attend the class before they release your info to the stateboard and before you can get your att and sit for the NCLEX. (The review class is a part of your tuition at school). Maybe you need to find out when the next class session and attend. Did the school not make that clear to the students? It seems like your future to becoming a nurse is on pause. I would ask to review the paperwork that you signed, because if you get a lawyer and loose what a waste of time and money.
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    Thread closed. A lot of good input has been offered

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