LPN students, were you able to continue taking BSN pre-requisites

  1. I am crossing my fingers that I will get into the LPN class that starts in September, and have a question...
    Will I have time/energy/brain power left to continue taking my pre-requisites for the BSN program?

    been there, done that?
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I doubt it My program was intense. I had a full schedule of classes as well as clinicals. Very little time left over after doing the required reading, studying for tests, clinical paperwork etc. I doubt I could have added in an additional class.
  4. by   lpnstudent2013
    I might have in my first semester, but after that it has gotten so intense that there is no way. I was going to try, but am really glad I didn't because I barely have time to complete all of my assignments and study for tests. I even had to cut back a day at work to make sure I could study enough. I say probably not, but if you don't work at all and don't have lots of social demands then maybe you could do some.
  5. by   Mewsin
    I barely have time to sleep.
  6. by   HeatherMax
    Mine is an 18 month program (If I am lucky enough to get in) the first 9 months we only go every other day. I hope to continue with a few online classes, so I can crank out all the pre-requisites my goal is my BSN. I know that the second 9 months are insanely intense and I will be lucky to remember to shower, so there is no way I could take any then.
  7. by   Kittythestudentnurse
    I had 8 classes my first semester including clinical half way through...I had no time/energy/brain power for anything else...I know that some people have kids and work during school, I don't know how they do it, they are heroes to me...but I definitely wouldn't even think about taking on extra work, LPN school is stressful and draining enough!
  8. by   SWM2009
    I'm 12 months into an 18 month program. There is no way for me to have been able to take other classes. However, I also work full time and I am a widowed mom of 2 so my circumstances are probably quite different than yours.

    Even with not going to school everyday, there is still a ton of work to be done in an LPN program. The reading, assignments, exams every week, clinicals, lab time...all of it still ends up taking a lot of time.
  9. by   HeatherMax
    I will be completing the first 10 months with my husband deployed and three kids at home. Maybe doing extra classes will have to wait for the summer break. *IF* I get into the school. Still waiting to hear.
  10. by   ssalulu
    Depends on the person, but it can be done. I was in a 12 month LPN program and simultaneously working full time on my Bachelor of business degree. It was hard, but I made it work.