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  1. 1 Hi there,

    New to this website so forgive me if this question is posted and I just haven't found it yet.

    Any advice out there for passing fundamentals of nursing. It seems to be harder than A&P for me. I always seem to choose the right answer but not the ABSOLUTE right answer.

    Would appreciate any help out there.

    Thanks, Shill
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    Hi and welcome,
    The best advice I can give is practice, practice and more practice. Do all available questions from your text books, study guides, CDs and then head to the NCLEX study guide your school uses. Hang in there, it gets easier.
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    the basic strategy for answering critical thinking (application type) questions is as follows, you must:
    • know and consider the normal anatomy and physiology
    • know and consider abnormal anatomy for the disease in question
    • know and consider the resulting signs and symptoms when the disease occurs and how they proceed from mild to fatal - each sign and symptom can be related back to the pathophysiology of the disease
    • know and consider how the doctor diagnoses and treats the disease in question
    • know nursing interventions for the signs and symptoms you are being asked about
    • know the steps of the nursing process and what goes on in each of the steps and consider how they are affecting the question you are being asked
    • know and consider the principles behind the actions being done - there are many kinds of principles: principles of nursing, principles of biology, principles of chemistry, principles of physics, etc.
    • read the stem of the question carefully and answer that because the test makers try to trip you up by distracting you with conflicting information they give you in the answer choices that sounds good but has no relationship to what the question is asking for
    • ask yourself "why" a patient is experiencing some sign or symptoms to get at the underlying problem. nursing like other disciplines treats the problem/signs and symptoms.
    you should review the information and links in this thread as well:
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    Funny you should ask,,,I graduated in September and take Nclex next month..this is my downfall with all my prep testing...not sure why because when I get the results and look at rationals I still dont get it!!!
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    Thank you all for your good advice. I will use it to my advantage. I am only 6 weeks into the program. We haven't started clinical yet. I'm hoping that will help as well putting the written text into context.

    Thanks again,

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    With fundamentals READ the fundamentals book, go over each thing as if you were seeing a PT or working with a pt right then and there make sure you underand before you move to the next.

    once I read the chapter i liked going to a study group and bounce ideas off each other.

    good luck
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    Get the Sanders NCLEX PN study guide (the Orange one), use the disk included, it divides the subject sin sections with rationals (PED, OB, GI, etc) it helps with content, and critical thinking. Quiz yourself on a regular ....Start using it now... Its at most local bookstores.
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    This is what has REALLY helped me a lot:
    1. Utalizing test practice programs!! If your school for some crazy reason ofer practice program, try medspub.com or any other test practice resource available.
    2. Just think "WHY?" on a constant basis. Ive got a lot of questions correct that I wasnt familliar with just because I went through my own rationalization of each option in a question.

    Anatomy still has rationalization though body sytems, but it is MUCH more "fact" oriented.
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    I agree that when I took Fundamentals, it was more difficult than A&P. The exam questions were unlike any I had ever seen before. I wish I had known about the test bank questions from cd's like the Saunders review for LPN NCLEX has. I agree strongly with op who are telling you to begin taking tests from this type of review book. It will prepare you for the rest of your theory class exams. Good Luck :wink2:
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    Wow, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for these helpful tips and ideas.
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    for me alot is common sense, but I have to agree with the others about using an nclex review book. I have saunders, mosby's and davis (the last 2 are my favorite, but I found mosby's the hardest. best of luck, and try not to worry too much, you'll make it!
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    Would these books everyone is recommending help with my A&P final as well? Thanks you guys! Shill

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