LPN Entrance Exam

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    Hi guys! I am taking the entrance exam for the LPN program at ES BOCES in 11 days. I have been studying a lot but I'm still really nervous about the math section. Can anyone give me some examples of what types of questions will be on the test? I am mostly worried about the word problems. I'm really wondering about the difficulty level. Thanks for the help!!!

    Are there questions like this...
    (Word Problems)
    How many five digit numbers can be formed using the digits 0, 2, 3, 4, and 5 when repitition is allowed such that the number formed is divisible by 2 or 5 both?
    A. 100
    B. 150
    C. 3125
    D. 1500
    E. 125

    How many heptagons can be drawn by joining the vertices of a polygon with 10 sides?
    A. 562
    B. 120
    C. 105
    D. 400
    E. 282

    (Complex Numbers)
    1. For i = , if 3i (2 + 5i) = x + 6i, then x = ?
    A. 15
    B. 5
    C. 5i
    D. 15i
    E. 27i
    2. If f(4) = 0 and f(6) = 6, which of the following could represent f(x) ?
    A. x 4
    B. x + 2
    C. x 4
    D. x + 6
    E. 3x 12

    Just wondering because these are from a practice teas test and they are a bit out of my league. :-/

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    Heck I hope not!
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    Quote from HeatherMax
    Heck I hope not!
    I can't stop laughing that was the exact same words that came out of my mouth..

    As for opening post.. We didn't have to have a math course in order to get into my program. However once we were in we did have a entrance exam with basic algebra problems nothing like the above..

    Hopes this helps..

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    I hope not.
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    i passed my TEAS lol , my school had the tutoring for 1 hour before we started our test. which helped me a whole lot/ sorry -_-
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    I'm taking my exam at Eastern Suffolk Boces in April! I'm pretty good in English and Reading Comp, however less to be desired when it comes to Math and I'm SO nervous! How was the test?! I keep studying, but Math continues to be my downfall (it's horrible really) =( any pointers would be much appreciated!
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    Lol no. I'm in that program now and the entrance exam was easy. It's just reading and basic algebra. Yes word problems, but easy. Know your fractions and conversions. Good luck!
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    Thank you sooooo much, your a lifesaver!!!
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    Yes. The entrance exam is really easy. If you know basic math and reading you are good.

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    Quote from loveoverpride
    Thank you sooooo much, your a lifesaver!!!
    If your nervous about math you should brush up on your basic algebra, fractions mainly. You can go to quizlet.com they have great practice tests!

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