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Hi guys! I am taking the entrance exam for the LPN program at ES BOCES in 11 days. I have been studying a lot but I'm still really nervous about the math section. Can anyone give me some examples of what types of questions will... Read More

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    I bought two TEAS V study guides and there are no questions even close to those. Thank goodness! I did see the same questions listed on a TEAS V practice question web page and threw my hands in the air, I have no clue how to do any of that! LOL You will be fine. I bet if you go through a study guide you will feel much more confident.
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    You guys really are the best, thank you so much! I'm slightly less nervous now =) I bought a teas study guide (it has 5 different tests in it & it shows you how to break down the answers and the questions etc) I'm also doing the khan academy you tube thing to try & brush up on some stuff lol & omg I thought I was the only one!! I looked at the teas v practice questions on the web page too & I thought I was gonna pass out! I never felt more "dumb" in terms of mathematics then at that moment it was all greek to me! haha
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    Thank you everyone again =) I really appreciate it =)
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    I didn't take the TEAS but I took the HESI, and I worked myself up for nothing, I rushed threw it within 30 minutes (the clock was set to the wrong time and I thought I only had 30min. left to test, wasn't exactly the most relaxing time that's for sure) and I passed it with flying colors.. Just brush up on basic math a lot of fractions!!! I know its easier said then done but don't stress out!! I prayed on my way there (which isn't unusual lol) I actually forgot to put the car in park, and when I went to pay I just handed the lady all of my money because I couldn't count it and was shaking so much.. but once I sat down, by the grace of God I was suddenly really calm!
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    I passed guys! 90 in reading and 80 in math! My interview is set for April 26. Any advice? What do I need to take? Thanks for everything!
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    Aww yay! Congrats! both of you! (stethoscopes&scrubs, I'm pretty certain that's how I'll be too, except knowing be I'll somehow park in front of a hill or something & it will inevitably go rolling down! haha)
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    & I just realized my test is in a little over a week...ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
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    Mine is the 11th, I am already starting to flip out.
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    Oh man, I was soooo close to scheduling the 11th too,lol but at the last min, I just went w/ the 6th. I def wish I choose the 11th now lol. I'm grateful for any extra time at this point haha
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    LoveoverPride* hahaha I was a nervous mess that's for sure! Good Luck let us know how it goes
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