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I would appreciate any input here. I am starting my second career, I am wanting to go into health care. I was planning to go in to LPN school, but I am concerned about the lack of jobs available. I am not interested in long term... Read More

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    ^As an LPN
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    I am currently a CST, decided to to this first before nursing. Today is the first day of my last semester in LPN school and honestly, I hate I waited so long to go to nursing school. While I enjoy most aspects of my job, I have had to deal with layoffs, crappy shifts, being put in super long cases that no one else wants to do, etc. If you want to be a nurse then become a nurse otherwise you will waste a lot of time. I can't wait to become a nurse and leave CST behind, because my dream is to become a nurse not scrub cases the rest of my life.
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