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  1. 3 Today was my last day of LPN school!!! Our graduation is next week! I just want to say how proud I am of myself and all of my fellow nursing students!

    : ) Greater Lowell Technical School LPN Evenings Program! Woo hooo!!!
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    Congratulations to you and your fellow classmates. I wish you all the best. Hopefully I will be in your shoes next year this time I start my program in September (10 months).

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    I just graduated tonight.... Now I am confused on what to do with all my time lol
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    Congratulations! I just got accepted and start in August! I'm so excited and nervous! Good luck in the working world!
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    Thank you all!!! I'm very excited to have somewhat of a life again lol
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    Congratz! I start the same program the day option in a few weeks! I am so excited and nervous. Any advice for me? LOL!!
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    Congratulations!!!! I am soooo excited to see so many people completing their program!!! It's making me even more excited! I'm done in 9 weeks! Woohoo!!!! Good luck on your boards!
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    Thank you! Maddiex13 my best advice to you would be to use the study guides that come with your books, and work as little as possible. I know when I first started everyone kept telling me to work as little as possible and I didn't believe them. I thought I could do it working full time, but it's nearly impossible! I cut my hours and my grades improved. Good luck to you! It's a great program with great instructors!
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    Thank you NMuniz!! Good luck on your boards! And Congratz again!! Makes me even more excited to start the program!