Drug Calculations Help!

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    i'm getting ready to rejoin the nursing program after a 6 mth break. I'm nervous! I have to really start studying again. What I'd like to know is if anyone knows where online I can get drug calculations practice problems for the LPN program??

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    Try these, I found them helpful........good luck and congrats on going back!


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    try to find a book like calculations of drug dosages at barnes and nobles a close book store. i also start school in january but i get tutored for that right now its easy from the way i learned it but goodluck
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    Your probably gonna need the math for meds book for the LPN program anyway so why not just pick it up and start going through it?
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    Thank you for sharing those websites. I just finished intro to chemistry and I struggled with calculations just like those on manuels web. I had to retake this class because the first time I took it was over a decade ago. I was surprised to see that these calculations were included in the course. Thanks again.
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    DosageHelp.com...this is free nursing student dosage calculations website
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    search sites that teach dimensional analysis... it is the absolute best way to do math for meds. Use other methods as only a check against the dimensional analysis.