Drug Calculations Help!

  1. i'm getting ready to rejoin the nursing program after a 6 mth break. I'm nervous! I have to really start studying again. What I'd like to know is if anyone knows where online I can get drug calculations practice problems for the LPN program??

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  3. by   zeppzepp2009
    Try these, I found them helpful........good luck and congrats on going back!


  4. by   nise21
    try to find a book like calculations of drug dosages at barnes and nobles a close book store. i also start school in january but i get tutored for that right now its easy from the way i learned it but goodluck
  5. by   John--RN
    Your probably gonna need the math for meds book for the LPN program anyway so why not just pick it up and start going through it?
  6. by   alwaysglad
    Thank you for sharing those websites. I just finished intro to chemistry and I struggled with calculations just like those on manuels web. I had to retake this class because the first time I took it was over a decade ago. I was surprised to see that these calculations were included in the course. Thanks again.
  7. by   chandrapn2011
    DosageHelp.com...this is free nursing student dosage calculations website
  8. by   student forever
    search sites that teach dimensional analysis... it is the absolute best way to do math for meds. Use other methods as only a check against the dimensional analysis.
  9. by   Biosciencegeek
    Watch this video. This is the simplest way I've ever heard dimensional analysis explained. Make sure you watch the whole thing. This guy, Dr. Steven Farmer, is professor of pharmacology at UH Maui College. I hope it helps you as much as it's helping me.

  10. by   OutdoorEd
    I've been working my way through the book "How to Master Nursing Calculations" 2nd ed by Chris Tyreman.

    Theres over 500 test questions ranging from simple addition and subtraction to drug dosage calculations. And it's talks you through each section clearly with regular short test with three full mock tests.

    Great book, along with "The Student Nurse Handbook" I feel a lot more prepared for stating university in September.
  11. by   Moriah02
    I found need/have x veh the easiest for me.

    You just take what you need divided by what you have on hand times the route of what your giving.
  12. by   Mainergal2000
    Check and see if Micael Linares has a teaching on it on YouTube. He is so good! I wish I would have know about him in the beginning of my program. Of course I learn from his style of teaching. Check him out.