Dropping like Flies

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    I am a 53yr old LVN student. I just started this Jan. We had a student from the class that started right before us say that over half her class failed out of the course. Our program just went to a '78' must pass grade. This student had 90's in everything except clinicals and still failed. I am trying to stay positive but I'm not sure I can make it if over half of the other class failed. It took me a year of prereqs and testing just to get in to this program. HELP?

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    Try not to give up before you even get your feet wet... Use what you know to your advantage. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. If more than half the class fails, then there's more room for you to have undivided attention from your instrutors ;-D
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    Good day:

    Everyone learns differently; and your competition is yourself.

    Stay positive, do your best; and while it is easier said than done, don't fret.

    Thank you.
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    Do not worry about what a student told you. You worked hard to get there, focus on yourself. Your studies & making it work for you. It's hard, but you can do it!
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    wow sounds scarry , she had 90 % on everything and failed clinicals? IDK , just try to stay focus all the best
    to you
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    Some people are better with book work than they are with hands on work like in Clinicals and some are lucky to be great at both. Keep your head up!
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    Reality CHECK: MOST nursing programs end up with at least 50% attrition... When I was in PN school: went from 64-39...BSN program, 100-49...some withdrew, decided to take a break, finished the rest if prereq's before returning, couldn't afford tuition, etc...it happens, however, focus on making sure if you need help, you apply other aids, suggested study books, reach out to instructors, etc...I had no problems in seeking out assistance in honing my thinking skills as a nurse...one of my instructors in PN school have me a critical thinking book to help me focus on critical thinking when I had test anxiety; and very instructor I had in my BSN program, when I laid it out there about struggling, they were able to suggest and give me honest tips on how I could fine tune, or suggest a book that could help me...my Senior Med-Surg instructor suggested a book when I struggled with select all that apply.

    Just make sure if you are struggling, things are unclear, seek out your instructors. I think a lot of times people do not seek out help until its too late. Good luck and take care of yourself!!!
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    :/ It happens. My class only had 8 people finish, and the class after me is at 10 people with four months to go. I don't even think my program will be around for much longer, and the two main instructors (one of them is also the director) are resigning because they refuse to lower the 80% minimum passing grade. It's a tough program, but graduating really means something. You earn it!
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    I agree with everyone else... stay focused on YOU and never mind about what "everyone else" is doing. You are the only one who can be a licensed LPN based on what YOU do!
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    Such good advice! Thanks everyone. Trying not to freak here. I've had good grades before by doing A and B but I can see I'm going to need to learn how to approach this in a different way. Our clinicals start soon and I am looking forward to being on the floor- that's what I'm good at.

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