Did your school look at your high school transcripts?

  1. Did your school look at your high school transcripts? I am so frustrated! I graduated high school in 1994, have since taken several college credit classes and my lowest grade was a C. My GPA from HS was a 2.8, I know it stinks, I never studied and didn't try. I had no desire to be the top of my class and was content to just breeze through as long as I got to leave HS with my class. Because the nursing schools around here are so competitive, they are now using the HS GPA to cut the numbers down. I called one school as soon as I got off the phone with my HS, and was told with a 2.8 GPA in HS not wo waste the application money. Feeling a little deflated, but at least there are several places close by that don't look as far back as HS if you have taken college classes since.
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  3. by   jenxsmiles
    Yes, they did look at my transcripts which was weird. I think I got 2.9 GPA, with the same reason as you but I got accepted for passing the Entrance Test currently in the 1st module.
  4. by   Okie36
    Yes they do look at them....I graduated many moons ago and they still asked for them...just make sure you have everything they ask for when they ask for it...Good luck!
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    I had to provide my transcript AND my diploma as a condition of acceptance. I was more impressed that my HS kept the old paper records since everything is electronic now.

    It was/is a requirement of the board of nursing to document each student successfully passed HS or earned a GED
  6. by   I♥Scrubs
    Yes. I had to send my high school and previous college transcripts.
  7. by   Lb321
    The school I'm applying to needs H.S. transcripts, too. I'm nervous about that as well, because I almost didn't even graduate. I was even failing a class. Two weeks before graduation they handed the transcripts so far, and mine was 1.8. So, I did a ton of makeup work, extra credit, etc. I ended up with a diploma, but I have no idea what my final grades were. However, I'm a lot smarter than I gave myself credit for and I wish I could do it all over. I'd be an honor student if I tried hard enough back then. I'm hoping to pass the teas and give an amazing personal statement ( I'm really good at writing). All you can do is try your best.
  8. by   Mewsin
    Yes, ours were based on our hs marks but they allowed us to boost our marks by taking specific classes. I'm grateful because my high school marks were not good, there was a lot going on in my life at that time. I was allowed to write the entrance exam and at the moment I have the highest average of our very, extremely smart class.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    My LVN program did want a copy of my high school transcript, but only as proof that I graduated from high school. They did not take into consideration peoples' high school GPAs when deciding which applicants to accept. After all, about a fourth of my classmates dropped out of high school and opted to earn GEDs.