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    18.75 almost one year exp
    Full time 8:30-5
    Monday-Friday no weekends or holidays
    working for a DME company writing care plans, etc
    full benefits.

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    $18.66/hour - grossed $39,500 in 2010. Northern Virginia 20 minutes from Washington D.C.

    I'm an ER LPN who manages the express care/fast track department with a patient load of 8.
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    LTC in CO
    18.50 base pay for LPNs
    2.25 shift diff for nights
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    West TN 14.50 an hour, really expensive premium for health insurance, some want 300.00 to 800.00 each month, with 20/80. This is to start, our economy to live is pretty low, though.
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    Ontario Canada - New grad, new job in LTC - 21.50 to start.
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    In the middle of Connecticut 2+ yr exp.
    SNF $33.00/hr, per diem VNA work $30 per patient
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    Hospital in Springfield, OH 14.05 per hour. LTC starts at 18-19, and I worked at Health Dept in Columbus for 19 per hour. Changed jobs for experience while working on my RN... Working much harder for a lot less pay! But from what I've been told the RN's start at 22 per hour. Pay is suppose to be higher based on experience.
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    upstate NY, base pay in LTC 18$/hr. plus $1.80 shift differential and another dollar an hour for being charge nurse, so all told, about 21/hour first year.
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    5 years experience in LTC $28.00/hr in arizona
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    Southern California
    Job 1 $17.51 I pay $90.00 a month for med ins, get 2 weeks pd vacation 6 pd holidays and 3 pd sick days per year
    Job 2 $19.00 per diem $1.00 shift differentials

    Made $53,000 in 2010 and I took a month off that year

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