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LUV ALZ has 3 years experience and specializes in Alzheimers, Muscular dystrophy.

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  1. LUV ALZ

    Question on risk of HIV exposure/infection

    For all of you who felt the need for chastising someone who is honestly seeking information on something they do not know, "Shame on you"! It is that kind of reception to questions that keeps people from learning the right way to do things. I am with...
  2. LUV ALZ

    First LPN job in this the way it really is?

    Yes unfortunately it is like that at a lot of LTC's. You will eventually get the names memorized and the meds memorized. the med mem helps cuz you know what they need, they should be in order in the cart so you can quickly check what you are pulling ...
  3. LUV ALZ

    Fired and mad! Need to vent.

    It was supposedly the owner /admin close personal family friends. So if I work there it's o.k for my close personal family friends to could feel free to just walk in off the street and start looking thru everything? Also when I called the on call wee...
  4. LUV ALZ

    Fired and mad! Need to vent.

    O.k,I worked Sat and Sun this weekend. We have been in survey and exit interview was Monday. On Sunday evening I was in a room passing meds to a resident. Cna came to room and told me there was a group of people just walking around the facility and t...
  5. LUV ALZ

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    I had one elderly woman who would hit the call light if her Vit C was not delivered at EXACTLY 7:00 p.m.. She was an ALZ pt. Her daughter insisted she have a phone in her room. At 7:00 p.m. I was doing accu checks. Well when laying on the call light...
  6. I work with MD pt's who are all ventilator dependent and some are on pulse ox monitors at night. I have been known to be at home and wake form a dead sleep and bolt to the kitchen to answer an alarm, usually the microwave or the oven timer. I always ...
  7. LUV ALZ

    Written up for a no call no show???!!!

    They decided not to write me up. basically I told them "do it, I have phone records clearly showing that I called in 72 hrs to notify you". Nope, they just played nasty. I usually work 8-12 days a month and for March I have, let's count them, 4 days...
  8. LUV ALZ

    Assisted Living, Nurse to Patient Ratio?

    It seems to me they are using the title Assisted living and slipping in Pt's that need skilled care in order to not have to pay for the amount of staff required for pt's that require skilled care. I would pass or at least call the State and ask if it...
  9. LUV ALZ

    How hard it is to get a LVN job in CA??

    Don't just look for places advertising. I have applied for all the jobs in the paper and online and rarely got them. But what works for me every time I have needed a job is to get out the yellow pages. I have literally cold called over 200 companies ...
  10. LUV ALZ

    Tips for working night shift as a new lpn.

    I have worked Nocs for more than 10 yrs. The hardest part for me was training family and friends to respect my sleep time. I finally got mad when one friend would always call me at 10:00 a.m. and say "your still sleeping"? Well DUH I went to bed at 7...
  11. LUV ALZ

    LOL moments at work

    My favorite one. Elderly Alz pt. c/o lower abdominal pain, hunched and guarding. Notified in report that there has been no urine output in 12 hrs. (WHAT! and you haven't done anything about this!) I call doc get order to straight cath. Take resident ...
  12. LUV ALZ

    Need advice ASAP!!

    You need to follow the advice of your doctor. Ask him/her what your options are, expected outcome and expected down for each option. Other than that no one here can really telling you anything as that would be dispensing medical advice and we are not...
  13. LUV ALZ

    Written up for a no call no show???!!!

    Also I did not take the day off because I wanted to go do something, I had a legit reason for needing the day off.
  14. On Tues the 15th I called the DSD and told her I would not be able to work the 18th due to unforseen circumstances. Just as an aside I have worked here for 3 years and called off maybe 3 times well before the 2 hr before shift start rule. If I need a...
  15. LUV ALZ

    Getting approved for a home loan working home health

    Make sure your credit cards are paid down to at least 40% of the available balance. Try to get a USDA loan. The USDA loan (also known as a 502) has your down payment rolled into the loan, that means no money out of your pocket for the down payment. A...