Fired and mad! Need to vent.

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O.k,I worked Sat and Sun this weekend. We have been in survey and exit interview was Monday. On Sunday evening I was in a room passing meds to a resident. Cna came to room and told me there was a group of people just walking around the facility and that she had told them they needed to wait for the charge nurse. They ignored her and kept walking. Now this is a locked Alz/Dem facility it was 6:30 p.m on a Sunday. Front doors get locked at 7:00 p.m. I immeditely went to go find these people. When I found them I asked if I could help them and they told me that "their mother was going to be admitted on Monday". We nurses had no info an a possible new admit and we always know at least a day in advance. When I asked who their mother was and if she was coming from home or another facility they just said "we just want to look around". I told them I was sorry but this was not a public place and that they would have to leave, I also told them that if they wanted a tour of the facility they needed come in or call Monday and somebody would give them a tour.. I escorted them to the front door. As were walking there I spoke with one of the women and gave her the analogy of "our residents have a right to privacy how would you feel if your father was in the hospital and I just walked in started looking around his room'? After they left I called the weekend on call supervisor and told her what had happened. She said I hope you kicked them out. At around 9:00 p.m. the administrator/owner came in I told her what had happened and she said "We are not getting an admit on Monday".

Got called in today and fired for poor customer service as these people were supposedly very close friends of the administrator/owner. Supposedly I was rude.

What gives the administrators friends the right to violate my patients privacy? They were looking into the rooms!

If they were such good friends of the administrator why did she not know that they were admitting their mother there?

Odd thing tonight on my way to work stopped at store like I ALWAYS do and some man I have never seen before asked me if I was going to work and then asked if I worked ??????, Have I ever worked at ????? and then proceeded to start talking trash about ?????? and kept pausing waiting for me to comment. I just told him I didn't know the place and left. Whole thing felt "funny"


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OMG!!!!!! :eek::confused: I am so sorry that this happened to you... Vent away! Something smells rotten in the state of Denmark!:no: I hope that you can get past this and find somewhere more suitable.


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You definitely need a better job!

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Who was it that fired you? Sounded like the Owner/ Admin was backing you up?

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You did right by your patients. They should ALWAYS come first.


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It was supposedly the owner /admin close personal family friends. So if I work there it's o.k for my close personal family friends to could feel free to just walk in off the street and start looking thru everything? Also when I called the on call weekend supervisor and told her what happened she said "you got them out of there didn't you"? I have escorted other people out before and was told it was the right thing to do because of Hippa and privacy issues. But during the write up yesterday I was told "what if that was Joe Blow and this was the only time that they could come" I said 1. call in advance and set up an appointment/ make sure it's all right to come then. 2. What if Joe Blow works 2 jobs and the only time he can come to view the facility is 11:00 at night? Does he have the right to just walk in and start looking around the place and in resident rooms? It all boils down to these were friends of theirs. But I find it odd that a close personal friend forgot to tell you that they were bringing their mother to live at your facility. Oh well at least it was my second job and not my full time job. My first time EVER that I was fired. Reason "POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE" I am a LVN Charge Nurse" You find the residents I will take care of them. As for me personally I would have liked the fact I got asked to leave if i was considering a place for my dad, shows the facility cares about their residents.


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LuvAlz I think that this was a blessing in disguise, as crappy as it was for it to happen... Perhaps you are better off, IMHO. Sounds like to me that you do your best as a nurse, put the patients first, which is what counts. :yelclap:

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I have always found that when a door closes a window opens. Get through the anger and grief and start looking for a new job. It will be better than your old one! It's the way karma works! :)