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  1. KellyRPNinOntario

    Why is LTC so hated

    I love LTC...I have 32 amazingly individual residents that I have established trusting relationships with. Everyday there is a laugh and a cry. Im an Lpn and I love my job.
  2. KellyRPNinOntario

    Administering Capsules

    Not all capsules need to wait until the intestine. You just need to research each med. I open many capsules that the pharmacy said was fine. In my experience anything that cant be opened will state "do not crush". The meds that must be absorbed by the small intestine usually say something like EC (enteric coated), SR or SR (slow release), ER (extended release). Hope this helps!
  3. KellyRPNinOntario

    Medication administration in deltoid muscle

    I would only give 1ml in the deltoid. Question to all....what size/guage needle would you all use for a very obese pt in the deltoid?
  4. KellyRPNinOntario

    New grads: ever feel like EVERYONE around you is finding jobs?

    Keep your head up...it'll be you soon. Don't let the neagtive comments get you down.
  5. KellyRPNinOntario

    How do you work????

    I called the on-call doctor at my LTC facilty a while back. I was lookin to get an order to send a resident to the ER. After giving him vitals and the scenario he asked what was my "gut" telling me. I was so happy because it was just a feeling I had that was only partly supported by assessment info. He had confidence in what I was asking of him. YES I would tell any doctor what I felt was needed...he is a big boy who can ultimately decide. Who knows these residents like we do???
  6. I felt that I had to be perfect at clinical skills before I graduated. In reality most of the learning took place once I graduated. My first job taught me more in one week than all my clinicals combined.
  7. KellyRPNinOntario

    What would you do?

    Wow....you are being manipulated and you have to give them the ultimatum. It may cost you the job but I doubt they will want to rehire so quickly. If you dont do it now you are stuck.
  8. KellyRPNinOntario

    Electronic MAR?

    Agreed :)
  9. KellyRPNinOntario

    Electronic MAR?

    I also dont have to provide a reason. I suppose if management were looking for a reason to write you up, they could use this info??
  10. KellyRPNinOntario

    Electronic MAR?

    Sometimes I just miss signing for a med...it happens. I have 32 residents to give out meds and a Tar to sign also. I end signing for a med at 10:30 that was due at 5. Never been an issue with my management.
  11. KellyRPNinOntario

    Electronic MAR?

    We have eMar with a digipen. I love it!!! Yes technically the pharmacy knows what time each med is given...however, we are not locked out or in trouble if meds arent given at the exact time. We can also reorder meds just be signing our name below the med and 45 minutes before the end of shift we get a printout with any signatures we missed and all the prn administered to be sure we charted effectiveness. The benefits far outweigh the negatives :)
  12. KellyRPNinOntario

    Urine drug test too dilute??!!

    I dont understand why you're so worried...if you have nothing to hide then it will all work out.
  13. KellyRPNinOntario

    What a good feeling!

    Way to go!!! You must feel amazing and congrats on graduating.
  14. KellyRPNinOntario

    Why do we continue to do it?

    Yep, it's those days that are few: when you get home and feel great about the day and what you accomplished.
  15. KellyRPNinOntario

    Moral Dilemmas: Two Scenarios - What would you do?

    I have a resident like number 1. I don't know what I would do If I couldnt talk to the family. I'm an rpn (same as LPN) and we are resposible for calling and infroming the POA's. The family is now coming in to help us get this person to shower and eat. We have a hard time getting this person to change her clothes....so now when we are able to get her into the shower (still rare) we "accidently" get her clothes wet. Which she will then refuse to put on lol. Good luck and keep pushing. Trust your instincts!!
  16. KellyRPNinOntario

    How many times do you really skip lunches and breaks?

    I'm in long term care on the 3-11 shift. I never take breaks and I get to eat about half the time (scarf down some food in about 10 minutes). I suppose I could take a break but the only ones who suffer are my residents On the other hand...I love how fast my shift goes by and it is extremely satisfying.