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    Me, too....about insurance company

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    I'm a GVN as of Aug 3. My new job once the BON send me my paperwork:
    -- LTC psych.
    -- $20.00/hr
    This surprised me. I thought that this was the new grad nurse pay rate. As a 'not quite nurse', I was expecting 14.00/hr, maybe? Just seems like GVN's would be paid less. That's what I've always heard.
    I was also surprised to know how well they paid the nurses because they pay us, the aides, so crappily! LOL $9.00 an hour. We've been pulling doubles understaffed for weeks now, i.e., 3 aides for a 90+ bed facility...and they still won't give us a raise....and new hires keep quiting because they can't/won't work like that.
    -- 11-7. Nights.
    -- 5 days a week. (we have w/end nurses)

    The drawback? 3 days of orientation and they're going to let me run loose by myself on Day 3.
    My solution? I'm going to space out my test date by a month, so I can get a good 3-4 weeks of orientation. It's not like I want coddling. I actually work best by doing and just having someone that I can run to in case of a problem. They can do their job and I'll do mine and such. It's just that, in my head at least, there's a difference between being in OJT and when I'm completely responsible.
    I'll be having between 35 and 45 residents with behavioral issues, so...3 days of orientation as a new grad with NO experience?
    I don't think so. LOL
    So, the plan is to space it out some. I'm working under their licenses, so to speak. Or I assume. I did wound care with the Charge RN this past w/end and she signed her credentials above mine. So, if that's how it works? I'm going to extend this GVN thing for a good 3-4 weeks. It's just extra reassurance for myself.

    I'm in Texas, by the way.
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    My facility offers 20.45/hr for day shift, then +2.25 for third shift, +1.50 for second shift.
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    20.00 m-f mornings Southern Cali
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    A BUNCH!!! you know what they say... us nurses are work-a-holics!!

    I get about 13 hours OT minimum per week... for now...
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    I am in Colorado and have a few PRN and Part time jobs in the works. So far I have been offered between $19-23/hour as a new grad. I became licensed last month. One of these positions is seasonal (immunization clinics), two are in doctors offices and the last one is a SNF. Can't wait till it's all finalized but it may make my life a little crazy!:spin:
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    can you explain what exactly does an EMR consultant do as a nurse, are you showing companies how to transition into the electronic age, and what are the experience requirements.
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    18.54 plus 5 dollars 3-11 shift differential in Virginia.
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    Our pay is real low compared to all what I've read and raises are hard to get ans Small...I work with LPN nurses who have been there years and only make 1.70 to 3.00 more than me. I started at 14.46 3 years ago on day shift and today I make 15.90 day shift...raises to be given in aug but don't expect much of one..I get 1.00 more an hour if I work 2nd shift...used to be we would get OT pay if work over our shift now we have to work over 40 hrs to get any OT pay. Only get OT pay if you pick up on your weekend off.We have 44 res to a floor that we split with another nurse and lots with behaviors and frequently get stuck with all 44 on the floor by ourselves with 3 aides.
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    $21.50 Dayshift, $24.50 Night Shift....Corrections in Colorado, and I am a new grad...not bad....

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