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    I say get the BSN - especially where you live because it is a very expensive area to live in you need to earn as much as you can...I went with the LPN because it was a 10 month program and I don't regret it I have learned a lot. I live in a cheaper area to live so I can get by for now.
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    $22.50 /hr. Northern Az. LTC.
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    I'm from central Jersey and I started at $21.50 at a snf then went up to $22/h private duty adults then up to $25 doing trach vent adults and pedi, and believe me it's still tough to get by financially, jersey sucks, they just raised the tolls AGAIN
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    I am also considering Excelsior. Have you started yet? If so, any tips?
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    This should be a sticky.......so people like me wont bump threads from 2 years ago
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    I just got my first LPN job in a ALF. My base pay with no experience is $19/hr. I'm in Naples, FL
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    In Alberta, step 1 is $23.73 and then there are shift diffs and weekend premium anywhere from $2.75-$5.00
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    Inexperienced LPN at long term care unit in hospital (Virginia): $14.85/hr + shift differentials
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    Brand new LPN getting $18.50 plus $2.00 shift diff, and $1.50 attendance bonus every week, with great benefits!! Working in a Cerebral Palsy home.
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    LPN 9 years experience
    Rural eastern Tennessee
    Home health pediatrics and geriatrics
    IV certified
    $18.50/hr +yearly raises and benefits
    Low cost of living area
    Good money for this area