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  1. aortas

    My favorite med:

    to administer- ativan & haldol! to receive- dilaudid via ivp & zofran
  2. aortas


    thanks dream'n. personally, i don't know if coming in on 7-3 to do the recaps was the most time effective as there are many distractions-patients asking for things, other departments needing things, familiies wanting to talk, doctors coming in, the usual... plus trying to do recaps while other nurses are passing meds and doing treatments off the paperwork you need can be problematic. one 11-7 nurse comes in on her nights off to do recaps, which for her works better because she's accustomed to night shift, less people, and less patient care. we don't have electronic charting either! its all by hand, highlighter, pen, and whatever the pharmacy decides to print and send...the long term ones are the easiest but the subacutes who come in near the end of the month and are more acute and have more med and treatment changes, the longer.
  3. aortas

    Tattoos in the workplace

    i have a 3/4 sleeve on my left arm and a visible tattoo on my R arm. i also have my ribs and my bilateral feet tattooed, but obviously those two are the only ones not visible. i have never kept my tattoos covered, no one has ever asked me to do so, and they are a part of me i really like. i have had numerous people tell me one of my best characteristics is my professional demeanor in the workplace. i do not see tattoos as unprofessional, in fact, most of the nurses and aides i work with have tattoos, the minority do not. i have never had any family members or patients comment negatively on my tattoos, only the positive :) and as an aside to give a little info on the actual place i work- the owners of my facility are orthodox jewish and the county the facility is in is on forbes list 2014 top wealthiest counties.
  4. aortas

    what age did you decide to become a nurse

    i didn't realize my true calling was nursing until after i attained a bachelors of psych and subsequently got a job as a social worker for the county and doing adult protective services. i realized i didn't want to be a clinician and i couldn't see myself being a social worker, i found it too limiting and i didn't like that a big part of the job was to was refer people to other services. though i spent time more time out in the field than in an office, i just craved a more hands on job. i started working at a LTC/SA to see if i liked it, since i had already worked with the older population, and i did, so i went back to nursing school when i was 26. i am still not where i want to be academically speaking in nursing, as i really would like to be a NP/MD, but I'm glad i know what i really am the happiest doing, which is nursing
  5. aortas

    MD Falsifying Charting

    i have seen some pretty stretches of the truth in doctors h&p's, notes, etc. however, the absolute worst i encountered was a respiratory therapist, who liked to tell us he was going after his MD. our facility has another agency come in for RT, so for instance we get someone on a bipap or has a trach, call up the respiratory place, and a therapist comes out. this one particular RT charted on one patient completely made up vitals, SP02, etc...on a patient whom i had sent out to the hospital....on another patient, the respiratory place brought a BIPAP to a new admit. the same RT as before charted notes that he oriented the pt to the BIPAP, vitals, etc...yet the RT came in when the patient was in PT, not even in his room. i asked the patient if he knew what the BIPAP machine was, to which he said, "where did that come from? i have one at home but I've never seen this before". needless to say, my DON and administrator were made aware and he was banned from the building. ass.
  6. aortas


    hi there! just wondering for those of you who work in LTC/SA, how do you ensure that recaps are completed in a timely manner? back story, long time ago, i worked 11-7 with one other fantastic nurse who was a whiz at recaps, i learned quickly how to complete them accurately and ahead of time, before the actual day of changeover on 65+ residents. however, once my co-nurse and I got 7-3 and MDS positions, the 11-7 nurses who took over (theres since been at least 4) have had poor time management skills/lack of initiative/etc and do not complete recaps. take for instance this month, which was particularly bad. on thanksgiving day, none of the recaps were even divided up into POS/MAR/TAR, they were just sitting in the envelopes from the pharmacy. changeover is not a magical process done by little elves who are masters at accuracy and filing. my DON pulled me off the floor the past two days on 7-3 shift and had me complete subacute recaps for the 30 residents recaps who weren't even touched. the 11-7 nurses who are supposed to do recaps have been trained on what to do, and some have even been doing them for over a year, but rarely are they done, let alone correctly. so i'm just wondering, who is responsible for completing the recaps in your facility? is it a "recap nurse", is it 11-7, is it all shifts? tell me what works for your facility! thanks!
  7. aortas

    This Blows Every Other ED Visit Out of the Water

    This is certainly one I've never heard before. *my virgin ears* HA! Jk
  8. aortas

    Do you chart lies?

    at my facility we had a prior DON who once was more under the gun from our corporate MDS coordinator for the lack of relevant information in qshift subacute charting so she would really get on the staffs butts to chart more detailed things. however, due to the overt laziness/incompetence of many people who worked there at the time, it would actually go though several SHIFTS of people just charting what the other nurse had charted. so when nurse a charts "wound vac intact to L toe, piv to LFA patent/intact, and FC draining clear yellow urine" on a patient who a. had no wound vac and had a wet-dry drsg b. had pulled out PIV to LFA and was placed in R hand, which then dislodged 2 shifts before c. had the foley removed ..... did people start to chart less. only chart what you observe too! if i didn't see it or do it i can't in good faith chart on it.
  9. aortas

    INAs in the chart?

    our incident reports don't go in the cart. you do obviously have to document an incident as it occurred, which at times seems repetitive to place in an incident report and a nurses note. however, charting something like: "during am care on date and time in room 1, cna j observed hematoma to pt x L hip, upon assessment of pt x by this nurse, observed hematoma to L hip, 10x12 cm. L hip of pt x warm to touch, eccymotic, c/o pain upon palpation. pt unable to state where hematoma occurred. pt unable to extend L leg. medicated with pen tylenol at time, ineffective, as pt co of severe pain after admin, perch 5/325 given per physician order of severe pain. MD/family made aware." the charting often reflects whats on the incident report, but you'd never end your charting saying, "MD/family made aware. incident report filed."
  10. aortas

    Advice about liability insurance?

    insurance is so cheap when you think of what could happen if you ever didn't have it!! i have never worked without my own insurance (i use NSO).
  11. aortas


    i work 645a-315p, 2nd shift is 245p-1115p, 3rd is 1045-715a. if you are FT or PT you must work alternating weekends. my schedule personally is friday before my weekend on i am off and off the monday after my weekend on. per diem is one weekend per month.
  12. aortas

    The dumbest thing you've ever heard...

    OMG- I know his is slightly off topic but following in the vein of the last posts- mildly crazy female ESRD 2 to analgesic abuse- who is a LTC resident on HD who every 6 hrs wants her "Percocet, Xanax, phenergan" cocktail..throws her self on the floor or feigns a migraine, CP, and SOB to get a 911 to the ED who sends her back after 2mg IM dilaudid - states allergies to ketorolac, Tylenol (um ok because she sure likes her Percocet q6hr!), imitrex, haldol, risperdal, Motrin, etc. no.
  13. aortas

    Will my tattoos hold me back?

    I have a L arm 3/4 sleeve and a visible tattoo on my Inner RFA. When I was a student I worried about being judged by my looks. Once I became a nurse and found my confidence I never even thought about how I might be judged! If you project confidence, IMO, it doesn't matter what kind of tattoos you may have! I've worked in SAR/LTC for five years now and it's never the older women who comment on my tattoos, it's the older men who have tattoos themselves!own who you are.
  14. aortas

    Anatomy of a crash cart

    Our carts aren't locked but the ekits are. If we ever just cracked open an ekit to familiarize ourselves w the contents we would probably get read the riot act as even an opened yet UNUSED ekit gets sent back to our pharmacy and the facility gets charged.
  15. aortas

    Anatomy of a crash cart

    Crash carts are checked and signed off as an 11-7 responsibility. When I was a new nurse I obsessed about the layout and contents of the crash cart and I'm glad I did because every time we hire a new nurse and I have to orient them one of the first questions I ask is "can you show me where the crash carts are?" Usually I get a blank stare followed by, "crash cart?" Every unit, and every units crash cart holds the same things. Ekits of meds are on every unit, in the DON office, and on the crash carts themselves