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So I am in dire need for some good advice. I just recently graduated LVN school (In May) and received my Vocational Nursing License (In June). As of right now I am still unemployed, and not because... Read More

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    Quote from loriangel14
    Your post is very confusing. At the beginning you say you are not working because you are being picky about where you work.Then you finish up by saying that you need to get a job and get working.So....stop being picky.
    My thoughts exactly. How do you know you won't like a job until you get in there and try it out?! You may end up finding where you are supposed to be!
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    Quote from cchezem15
    Turning down a job offer is burning bridges?
    You cannot afford to be too picky in this economic climate where masses of new nurses are unemployed. For every job offer you turn down, there's 100 nurses who will jump on it and take the offer with no questions asked.

    There's a wise Brazilian proverb: He who wants everything, ends up with nothing.
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    Are you sure those 2 places want to hire you? I know there are sometimes genuine delays, but if they really want you, it seems like they could give you approximate dates and tell you what the delays are that prevent them from hiring you definitely right away.

    You will not lose all of your skills from enduring a brief delay. But do keep reviewing. And don't be so picky that you don't accept work that's offered, at LTC or wherever, and then find yourself really up a creek without a paddle. And, yes, turning down job offers is sort of burning bridges. Suppose you interview someone, check their references, do all of the drug testing, criminal checks, and so on. You offer the person the job and she turns you down. Wouldn't you be just a little miffed? Would you be inclined to offer that person a job in the future? Probably not. Is it fair? No. But it is reality.

    I must disagree with Brandon. I think that, if conditions at a particular facility are bad enough, one's license is in jeopardy. Too many patients, lack of supplies, aides contrary and out of control, and numerous other conditions could cause a nurse trouble. It is true that most nurses who are in trouble get into it for criminal behavior, usually relating to drugs. Nevertheless, a nurse can find many ways to be woeful because of working conditions and work rules and policies.

    I wish you all the best. Oh, and don't rely on your boyfriend's income. These days, incomes are all too easily lost unexpectedly.
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    The jail called me back today, so I am going with that. Who knows I may hate it or love it but a job is a job. Thanks for all the feedback, and sorry for the confusion.
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    No need to apologize here.

    I think most new people aren't sure what to expect. Believe me it takes a lot of interviewing to have a clue, I still feel a little confused. Best of luck!
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    Thank you AussieRules1985
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    When I apply for a job, I do not have the attitude of I need this job badly. I apply for at least 10 jobs and one will open up. I never wait as long as you have for a position.

    Natali L. Patterson, MSN, RN
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    It is interesting that you picked a job that will be the most demanding and stressful for a new grad. You know your patients will be very manipulative and demanding.Working in an institution is no picnic.
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    I do know this. I actually did a lot of research about correctional nursing before deciding to even apply for the job.
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    Good luck to you. There is no perfect job, so go in with an open mind. Some find corrections nursing just right.
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    Thanks that's what I am trying to do! I hope that this is my preference because I hate hate hate job hopping
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    If you've been waiting since June 20yh, I'd say it is time to move on. You didn't mention where your from, but in some parts of this country jobs for LVN/LPN's are hard to come by. Are you really afraid of losing your "skills" by not working? I would say to accept a job, do it to the best of your ability and gain the skills you will need to eventually become a seasoned professional. As a new grad you have many skills yet to learn...
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    I wish i had the opportunities u do! Im a recent grad, new lpn in ct and alot of my classmates havent been able to find jobs. Personally, id take almost any job i could get! Just because you take a job, doesnt mean you are committed for life. If you dont like it, theres nothing wrong with giving notice & leaving on professional terms. From what ive heard, most new nurses dont stay at their 1st job anyways. Thats prob why alot of places dont want new grads. Lol but good luck to you! You seem to have alot of choices n different opportunities & theres nothing wrong with exploring them. Let us know how the corrections job works out. Ive always been curious about pros/cons in that field. Good luck!!!
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