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    Hospital in Springfield, OH 14.05 per hour. LTC starts at 18-19, and I worked at Health Dept in Columbus for 19 per hour. Changed jobs for experience while working on my RN... Working much harder for a lot less pay! But from what I've been told the RN's start at 22 per hour. Pay is suppose to be higher based on experience.
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    upstate NY, base pay in LTC 18$/hr. plus $1.80 shift differential and another dollar an hour for being charge nurse, so all told, about 21/hour first year.
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    5 years experience in LTC $28.00/hr in arizona
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    Southern California
    Job 1 $17.51 I pay $90.00 a month for med ins, get 2 weeks pd vacation 6 pd holidays and 3 pd sick days per year
    Job 2 $19.00 per diem $1.00 shift differentials

    Made $53,000 in 2010 and I took a month off that year
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    30 years as an LPN-Traveling as an EMR analyst-$55/hr-all expenses paid, no benefits.
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    20.50/hr. LTC full time okay benefits, annual raises, lots of pto like 4 weeks+, varied shifts by choice, b/c I am in school, no shift/weekend diff. in moderate sized midwest city about 1.5 yrs of LTC experience, license for nearly 2 yrs.
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    where do you work ginger?
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    As the lowest paid, that seems pretty good
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    1. Years experience LPN since 1996
    2. Nursing Specialty Hospice
    3. Wage 19.33 hour, 20% more per hr night differential
    4. Billings Montana
    5. Excellent Benefits
    6. No raises
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    $26.05 plus differentials. Regular raises.
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    LPN since July 15th 2010.
    First job: 18/hour
    Second job 17/hour.
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    I just graduated in December and passed my boards in January.

    I'm working at a Nursing Home and making base pay of 17/hr for working 7-3, 18/hr for working 3-11, and 19/hr working 11-7 . We also get a pay raise each year of up to 3%. Also full time employees get health, dental and vision insurance for a very small price.

    Right now I'm working weekends, once a week and I can get called in if someone calls in sick. It's a pretty good job, downside is having anywhere from 26-30 patients.
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    are there any LPN here from Massachusetts or Rhode Island? Do you mind me asking how much you make an hr?