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  1. Hi im an LPN in the iowa/nebraska/south dakota area. (yes my city is divided into three states, they are all compact states). I dont do random drug tests at my facility they only do one when you first get hired.

    I am drug free but I still have concerns because I am around 2nd hand marijuana smoke every once in awhile. One of these days when I leave the place I work and move on to a facility that does more strict drug testing im afraid I might have my entire career that I worked so hard for destroyed. That would be the worst thing ever... So im wondering am I alone? Are there any other nurses out there that hang around people that have a little smoke in your car once in awhile? I always have them crack a window open but I get really anxious when I can smell it. I keep thinking "oh no my urine is getting dirtier and dirtier with each breath!". Its always me driving and him in the passenger seat.

    I dont hang out with a bad crowd. This person is a family member and hes not a bad person for lighting up a little pot once in awhile, it just kinda keeps him from getting a decent job. He doesnt force me to do anything he knows that I cant put my career at risk. In the midwest you cant do ANYTHING with pot on your record. I know its a ridiculous world we live in. The law treats pot like its some kind of dangerous drug.

    Anyway... just want to know anyone else around pot enough to smell it in the air around you but dont smoke it and do a lot of random drug tests? It would be nice to know beause if it anyone has ever lost a job from 2nd hand marijuana smoke im probably going to have to have a "no pot in the car" policy. Of course... he'll probably just tell me im being overly worried or something.
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  3. by   jadelpn
    His pot issues should not be your issue. Beyond the second hand smoke concern, what happens if a cop spots your friend smoking pot in the car, and you are pulled over? In some states if you are the owner of the car, you can be held liable even if you don't smoke pot yourself. If your friend wants to smoke pot, have at it, just not in your car, your house, your room. He can do that by himself in his own time, in his own space. If he is smoking enough that he is unmotivated to get a job, then he knows first hand what pot can do to someone and their employment, and is more than likely chronic use. Which, whatever, his life his choices but why would you want to even be a part of if you live in a place that anything to do with pot could cost you your career? If this is your boyfriend/husband is he gonna support you should you lose everything over some pot? But if for a moment you are supporting his habit, you may want to rethink your relationship. Cause from what I am getting out of your post it seems as if this person could care less if you are putting yourself at risk by his behavior. And that goes way beyond "a little pot every once in a while". And as far fetched as it may seem, people who don't smoke pot nor are around it can smell it a mile away. All you need is a co-worker who parks beside you smelling pot in your car (no matter how much you air it out) and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a drug test. Which is sad considering you do not indulge yourself.
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    As the PP said, I'd be just as concerned if not more concerned about being pulled over for a random or traffic stop. As the driver you have a liability and could be charged with possession, just like if he left any remnants or pot in your car (well it's not mine it's my brother's/uncle's/sister's/dogs is not a valid excuse)....a charge that may then be required to be reported to the board of nursing and likely your employer. Permitting your family member to engage in an illegal substance in your car, home, or presence can put your license in jeopardy not to mention your job.

    Granted you cannot control others but you can control your own attitude, behavior and circumstance. Just. Say. No. Not in my car. Not in my home. Not in my room. Not in my presence.

    While it's pretty rare, it IS possible to have a positive urine or hair drug screen as a result of second hand marijuana smoke as you are also inhaling the active ingredients (it depends on the sensitivity and cut off of the test....some healthcare employers use lower cutoff thresholds than others) Cracking a window won't make much of a difference in a confined space such as a car or a small room.

    Since you know your family member has a problem and doesn't want to change, you need to determine your own course of action and is continuing to permit your family member to smoke illegal substances in your car, home, presence, room, etc worth the potential criminal charges, loss of your hard earned nursing license and employment?

    Is it worth the risk whatever the magnitude?

    Only you can make that choice.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    You should not be exposed to MJ smoke, especially in your car, and that is something that you certainly have control over.Start enforcing a no toke rule and you will have nothing to worry about.
  6. by   roreyn02
    Nah im a straight dude this is one of my relatives thats around my age. Hes always sees me as "too strict and uptight" about things. I dont drink, smoke, havent even tried pot. Tells me I should "try everything at least once" and all that. If I start enforcing a no pot in the car policy hes gonna ignore it. The car is really the only place where its dangerous, since I live in a very remote backwoods part of nebraska theres almost no chance he'll be caught smoking it in my backyard surrounded by trees. Id never go so far as to say you cant smoke it there.
  7. by   squidbillies
    hes gonna ignore it
    People just walk all over you?
  8. by   Nurseykins76
    wow, sounds like a keeper, if you set a rule "no smoking in my car he'll ignore it" a jobless punk, that's worth your license, o and if you think living where you do you won't one day get caught why take that chance, seriously you need to rethink what your priorities are here
  9. by   Morainey
    I can't believe a topic this moronic made it to the news feed on FB. Makes all nurses look pretty stupid IMO.
  10. by   handyrn
    As an RN who is also from the same Iowa/Nebraska/South Dakota area, I have to ask: Are you nuts?!?! The job market is terrible here. It is hard to find a job in nursing in this area. Why would you even risk it? And as the wife of a cop, don't fool yourself, the cops probably already know that your relative is smoking dope in your back yard, they are probably just too busy to bust some small time user, but when they get bored and are looking for something to do, your relative (and you) may not be so lucky. Just tell the guy to stay away from you, your property, and no rides in your car if he's going to smoke the stuff. Didn't you stress and work too hard to obtain that nursing license? Why would you risk losing it?
  11. by   KelRN215
    I would NEVER allow someone to smoke marijuana in my car. I do home care and my supplies pretty much always stay in my car... someone smoking in my car would mean I would carry the smell with me. In my state, the mere suspicion that a nurse may be under the influence while working (and walking in smelling like marijuana is "suspicion) warrants notifying the board. Nurses in my state are also prohibited from "aiding any person in performing any act prohibited by law or regulation." Allowing someone to smoke marijuana in your car and driving them around while they are doing so probably fits this criteria as marijuana is illegal. I don't know your states laws but if you were a colleague and you walked in to my place of work carrying the smell of marijuana, that would warrant suspicion of marijuana use and I would be required to call the Board of Nursing.
  12. by   KelRN215
    Quote from HalfMarathoner
    I can't believe a topic this moronic made it to the news feed on FB. Makes all nurses look pretty stupid IMO.
  13. by   navyguyhm3
    I look at it this way...if you choose to let him do what he wishes and continue to hang out with him knowing what he does, then you're not as concered as you sound, and with him "walking all over you", you must not be really putting forth the effort to stand your ground. A person, no matter their career choice would not allow one to jepordize thier career and continue to hang around while he does his extra curricular activities. A sensible and concered person would give them the boot if they really wanted to protect themselves and their career. Hanging out with people who are into drugs are asking for trouble. You didn't actually rob the bank but you drove the getaway car, you're still going to jail. Ditch the fool if you really value your career, or you will eventually end up a loser like him.
  14. by   navyguyhm3
    sho nuff!