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Hi, I am an LPN student. I started this January (2010) and have a question. Up until now, I have been getting straight A's on the exams and such, but am having a hard time applying my book 'smarts' to clinical. This past week... Read More

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    Keep at it, you'll soon see a pattern to the medication classes (antibiotics, heart, BP, etc.) and as you pass meds (the #1 duty we LPNs do), you'll get to know the medication by heart without even trying.

    Consider yourself lucky you have an instructor who understands that medications, MARs, and charting is the primary responsibilities of the LPN and she is teaching you the right way!
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    During my clinicals if an instructor asked me a question about a medication.. then I better know the answer.. we were always given ample time to look up the meds and make drug cards.. if we didnt know the answer from memory we were allowed to pull out the card and read it.
    In pharm class we had to know everything about every drug we were tested on..
    It sux i know.. but it will help you as a nurse.. As a nurse, I still look up medications

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