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    I'm currently an LPN student graduating in MAY! With plans to continue on and get my RN-BSN. I absolutely love working in pediatric oncology and would love more information about hospitals/ cancer centers that would hire an LPN while I'm continuing my education?

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    Hi I don't know where your looking to work but here jn South Carolina musc hires LPN. When you do start RN school you may want to search hospitals,Ect, for openings for RN student nurses. Alot of places hire RN students, good luck!
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    In most states administering chemotherapy is out of the scope of practice for an LPN so you may have difficulty finding such a position as an LPN. I know most pediatric hospitals on the east coast are BSN preferred.

    To get pediatric experience you can also consider pediatric LTC/rehab/sub-acute rehab to gain experience working with medically complex/fragile children. Granted these facilities are not abundant across the US but if there is one in your area it could be a good starting point. And many will hire LPN's.
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    Thank you! I'm open to all options right now! Currently reside in VA but definitely considering out of state hospitals!
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    Check the scope of practice for the state where you wish to live & practice. Many facilities will not place LPN's in a chemo unit if they are not authorized to administer chemotherapeutic medications. Good luck.
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    Thank you for your advice
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    You could also check out working for an oncologist's office. Or a pediatric oncologist's office.

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