Passed boards last week

  1. i passed my boards last wednsday. Now it shocks me to answer the phone and get offers from nursing homes, doctors offices. One waiting in the wings because i really want that one, but haven't heard yet. But two interveiws in one week and one today so wish me luck. Also I am proud to be an LPN because I worked very hard to get here and plan on getting my RN. Be proud of your LPN or PN status you change peoples lives and help people everyday.
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    Congratulations, nurse!!!
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    CONGRATS!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! You must be on top of the world! I am finishing my 1st quarter of LPN school (last final...drug cal) tomorrow. I can hardly wait to be where you are.
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    I Have To Appear For Lpn Board, Need Advise How Should I Study, Taking Online, Kaplan, Books, Cd Questions. Etc. How Did U Prepare For Yr Board. Is There A Website Where U Can Practice Questions. Please Let Me Know. Waiting For Yr Reply. Thanks