New lpn that is feeling discouraged

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    I'm a new LPN and after only 2 days in LTC, I feel as though I made the wrong decision to become a nurse. I love the residents.. that's why I went in to nursing to make a difference in peoples lives. Unfortunately you don't have the time to do anything other than paperwork and passing meds. I just wish I did not feel this way. Has anyone ever felt like this? If so how did you overcome this?

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    My goals simply shifted over time. I originally entered nursing with the goal of finding a sense of purpose in my work while helping others. However, it is difficult to feel you're really helping when you work in facilities where profits are given the highest priority.

    I worked LTC on and off for six years, and at times, it resembles assembly line nursing because you have so many tasks to complete on so many patients. You will fall hopelessly behind if you spend too much time on any one elderly resident, so you've gotta medicate them, do your treatments, and quickly move on to the next patient.

    My original goal was to come to work with a real sense of purpose. My new goals include staying employed in this rough economy, flying under the radar, and avoiding burnout. I leave work at work and home at home to maintain my sanity.
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    HUG.. You are feeling what almost EVERY new nurse feels, especially in Long Term Care. If you truly got into nursing for the right reason (for residents and patients), then stick with it. There is a silver lining in the end of the day, I promise. You *must* make every second that you spend with your patients count. You will learn to assess properly and adjust your time so that in the 5 minutes per patient you get, you will make a difference. It's what they really meant when they were talking about time management. Make every second count with your patients and you will reap the reward of helping them. You may be the only smile they see a day, and that only takes seconds! I'm very passionate about long term care and nursing, and it seems that you picked the right reason to jump in, so stick it out! If you need any words of encouragement, email me @ I love to chat!
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    I feel the same some of the I just started my first LTC position three weeks ago and I feel like nursing school didnt prepare me enough for this. I have huge med passes and I'm slow as ever. I feel like I still have tons more to learn(total different rant)
    Just remember you are thereto be a good nurse and have compassion. I think a lot of people forget that!
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    Thanks everyone, it helps to know that others have experienced what Im feeling. Also thanks for the words of encouragement I really needed it. Im definitely in this profession for all the right reason and nothing is going to stop me from making an impact in peoples lives.
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    Right now, try to focus on accuracy. Once accuracy and speed comes, you will have more time! Theres never enough, but you will spend more time with certain residents one day, the time with others the next day. What we do is very important! If they dont get some of their medications or we dont monitor them, it wont matter how much quality time we spend with them or how much we care because they will be sick. Im new also so i completely understand. But right now, we just have to learn the job first. The rest will come. And your compassion will show. Good luck and please dont give up!
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    Always remember that the #1 goal is safety of the patient!!! Keep that in your mind at all times and you will be ok!
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    My new goals include staying employed in this rough economy, flying under the radar, and avoiding burnout. I leave work at work and home at home to maintain my sanity.
    Well said!!!
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    The time will come when you have a few days off and you find you are really missing them and thinking of them... it might seem impossible right now, but it does happen when you really love the elderly population. As others have said: you will gain speed as time goes by and find that you do have time for a chat here and there.
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    I felt the same way at first. Over time I was able to make time for the residents because I got a routine. It is overwhelming at first. Don't give up! Just give your work your all and be a good nurse. You went into nursing for the right reason and thats what the residents need!

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