New grad lvn. I think I am in the wrong field.

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    I have a job and it pays well. The bad thing is my job is very stressful. I hate calling doctors and so much documentation. Nursing is very stressful it would take me a long time writing everything that has me stressed the whole day.

    I just feel bad that I have student loans to pay for and I really am considering leaving nursing all together. Before nursing I was happily making around $1500-$2000 monthly working at home. 0 stress! I was very happy.

    Now I am making $2500 monthly and I am VERY STRESSED. Should I go back to doing what I used to do or will nursing get less stressful down the road?

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    How long have you been out of school?
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    Quote from loriangel14
    How long have you been out of school?
    This is the OP's first nursing job and he has only been at it for a few months.

    The first year of nursing is usually the hardest. To be honest, it takes several years for some people to hit their personal stride and finally feel comfortable at work. Give it some time.

    There's also a tradeoff in the workplace and in life itself. I've worked fun, low-stress jobs outside of nursing that did not pay much or involve a great deal of responsibility. Jobs that involve high stress, increasing amounts of responsibility for peoples' lives, and accountability for your actions usually pay at least a middle class income or higher. On the other hand, the fun jobs with minimal stress and limited responsibility generally do not pay peanuts.

    Hence, there's an opportunity cost to every decision we make, especially regarding the trajectory of our career pathways.
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    Nursing is actually amazing and great... It's rehab and many LTC facilities that kill u.

    If you can land a clinic job or get ur RN and go to a hospital, I think you'll find much more job satisfaction.

    I just had a weekend that helped make up for a string of bad weekends working in the ER. I straight up told several of my RN coworkers that I felt taken advantage of as an LPN and that I am not there to make up for their poor time management. Seriously, I said that. Two of these ppl were very reflective on it and management even had a chat with me on my excellent work performance.

    Oh, and I'm getting a $400 bonus on my check from the hospital this week!!!! Woot!

    For real, bro, it's your environment. Get out and find something different. When I worked at a private practice, it was free pharmaceutical lunches every day, lots of personalized attention between you, the physician, and pt.

    When I worked at a prison... It kinda sucked and I'm in too good of a mood to dwell on that or my time in rehab.

    Bro, please stick with the profession. Being an LPN is just harder because we don't have the same job opportunities as our RN counterparts. Go back to get your RN, the pay will be so much more substantial and the opportunities much more varied.

    Even if you stay an LPN, just remember as you search for a new job ask about- pt to nurse ratios. Is there a Pyxis or Pyxis like machine. Is the charting, including the mar on the computer? Who is your support staff and ancillary staff. What acuity levels will you be working with? Blah blah blah. Those things.

    I know I'm rambling but I want you to find that right nursing job!
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    And commuter is right... That first year outta school is the pits!!! Keep up a cheerful disposition and do ur best!
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    Quote from libran1984
    If you can land a clinic job or get ur RN and go to a hospital, I think you'll find much more job satisfaction.
    OP is already employed at a hospital with decent nurse/patient ratios (1 nurse for every 6 or 7 patients). Time and experience are the two ingredients that may help this situation because, after a few months of nursing, it is way too early to determine if the career is for you. Give it one year before you finally declare, "This is not for me."
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    Nursingbro, what are your largest stressors?

    Try to list them and explain why they stress you followed by anything that could be done within or outside ur power.

    I find contemplating these ideas on paper/computer helps me & since we ARE on a public place I think it would be good for others to see too^^

    Edit to add the following:

    Plus, I always wondered what it would be like in a rehab hospital vs transitional rehab.

    Heck, going back to school is pumping me up to glimpse more opportunities into other parts of nursing. I can't wait to see more stuff on ICU, ortho, the public sector etc
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    Today the DON said she received many excellent compliments from several patients and their family's. That made me feel great!

    What makes me stressed is when we have to do orders for new admissions. I am still very new and don't know all of the documentation. Today we got a new patient from home so I didn't know anything about the patient. You have to ask them what their diagnosis is, medical history and so many other documentation.

    The other stress I have is talking to doctors and bothering them on the phone. So many other little things that make me stressed. I am a very calm guy that has worked in a stress free environment for so many years. So I am new to all of this stress.
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    I'm VERY new also but I'm also a very low stress type of person...I refuse to stress about things I have no control over & not knowing alllll of the ridiculous paperwork that goes along with my job is nothing I can help...I do the best I can if I miss something they know where to find me I feel like if they want me to know EVERY single form to fill out for a fall for example...they need to put a lil packet together and put it in a certain spot & when a fall occurs boom! There it is but it's not like that it's alll very trial & error which is fine that's how ppl learn like I've only had to admit 1 resident and I've worked for about a month...if I had to do another new admit I wouldn't remember all of the steps I wouldn't remember half they know I'm new but I refuse to stress myself about it I know ill get it down

    I recently switched from 7-3 to 11p-7a it's super laid back u should maybe look into trying to get that shift
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    What kind of job were you doing before?

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