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hi guys, i have a problem. im new to new jersey, i have a husband and two little divaz...they are 9 and 5. now, i just got accepted into a ma program and a lpn program. i dont know which one to chose. my husband works 5am-5pm... Read More

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    Quote from OLIVIALEN
    PS --a ? for the RNs -- should I take CNAII to get more prepared for the RN program?? It seems to go over some things that I did not get in CMA or CNA I, such as trache care, and feeding tubes things not really seen much in office settings-- Thanks!!
    I am not an RN, but I would say to become a CNA2, it would be better to gain confidence in such skills now, and impress the professors.
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    Thank you for all the wonderful advice! I did get accepted into an RN program at DCCC which I start on Wed! I am super nervous but even more excited!! Good Luck to all of you out there persuing a career!! I wish you all the very best!!!!

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