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Some readers might be aware that a college bubble is forming in the United States. Since so many people in this day and age have earned college degrees when compared to previous generations, the value of having one has decreased... Read More

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    Well if 90% was scholarship then thats a pretty good deal and why wouldn't you take the chance at an education for 10% of the cost. No brainer.
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    Oh, of course it was a good deal, which is why I went. However, that doesn't typically happen for most people. Also, although I landed a pretty good job, I live in a big city...so between rent, a car note, and other bills, I STILL sometimes struggle to pay back the student loans that I DO have. That goes back to her original point in the post -that a typical collegiate education can still leave one faring worse than others who have completed trade programs.
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    Very well written and I must say, your writing is very eloquent. I definitely agree with what you have written. I have seen many LPNS/LVNS thrive in this field. When I was a student nurse, I worked with a lot of LPNs that had numerous experience and I was very impressed with their patient-centered care as well as their skills. I do have friends that have been LPNs/LVNs since 2006 that are more financially stable that I am; a BSN new grad with plenty of student loans from my previous degree and about to start work next month. I also have friends that graduated a couple of years ago with a Sociology and Psychology degree that are getting paid less or even the same amount as an LVN. I missed those days when a college degree meant something. Ah.. Wishful thinking.
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    LPN'S are the shizznit plain and simple. My aunt has been an lpn for over 20 years, and even though she goes through her hard times being an lpn she loves it, and is still an lpn till this day. She's happy and comfortable.. LPN degree is the way to go..
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    Great Article!
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Education simply for education's sake is a pretty thought, but not a very practical one. Maybe if I had a six figure trust fund or something I could afford to major in Russian literature (something I'd actually love). But, at present, my economic situation is such that it would be a waste of money. Look at all the grad students in their 30s who work at starbucks and then tell with a straight face that higher education is "never" wasted.
    I got my BSN when I was 32 (2 yrs ago) and it is the best thing that I have ever done! Not sure if I enjoy nursing but I definitely enjoy the pay (except when I overspend). And I make 2-3 times more than the experienced LPN/LVN and they work them way harder!!!! The are very skilled and I do think it sucks that they work them so hard but I was always told more education = more money = less work! IJS
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    PS, a lot of places are not hiring LPNs anymore even though their skill level is pretty darn good! Hell they know more than me in most cases and I am not ashamed to admit it! If I need an IV started usually the LPN can getter done! but to make less money and do more work sucks! At my hospital LPNs 7 patients (because they cant take new patients) while RNs get 4-5 (most times not getting a new admit) and they make way less money! They may have less loans but if you get with the right company and do the right research your loans can be paid off by someone else!!! I take education and cash!! I can learn the skill from one of the LPNs I work with!
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    O and let me say this, I went to a trade school, completed it, and worked in the field for 10 years. I maxed out in pay several years prior to leaving the field and I was worked like a slave!!!! IJS
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    and after reading this article again it is like comparing apples to oranges! Sure some degrees will make less than an LPN but they should compare degrees in a similar field. Dental Assistants vs Dental Hygienist, LPN vs RN, Accountant vs CPA. You just cant compare unemployment, loans, etc of LPN to that of someone who got their degree in general studies! Sure they dont have a job even with a degreee!!
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    I gotta say. As an Unemployed RN, I am bringing in good money through unemployment because of all those "high stress. high pay" jobs I worked for years. I am looking and looking to get back into a nursing job that suits me. But since seriously looking for new employment over the past 6-8 weeks, as I sift through the want ads and sits like Monster, Craig's List and so on. There are far more openings and job postings for not only LPN's but CNA's as well!!I'd say the ratio is for every one RN job opening there are 3-4 LPN's wanted and my gosh the need for CNA's right now is overwhelming. At least in my area. When I went to school for nursing my mistake was listening to well meaning people telling me "Oh go straight for the RN, there is so much more you can do with a degree." um... NOT! I have worked with some fantastically brilliant LPN's and CNA's in my time. Without you guys I couldn't do my job. Your title isn't what what makes you or breaks you in this industry. It's how you play the game so to speak. Just my thoughts and obervations.

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