Lpns in the OR

  1. Can an LPN get certified to assist in the OR as surgical nurses?
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  3. by   jadelpn
    I would call your state BON and see. I have not heard of this, but that doesn't mean it is not possible. I do know that you can certify as an OR scrub tech. I would also see about working in pain management, as often that involves epidural injections that are sometimes done in OR's.
  4. by   Heart2015FNP
    LPN's cannot be circulators but they can fill the role of scrub nurse. You will need to find a hospital willing to train you. At one point, there was a rush to do that until Surgical Technology programs popped up everywhere. Good luck.
  5. by   vintage_RN
    Where I live, practical nurses can take an OR course to be scrub techs. Also where I live, RPNs can be circulating nurses only if there is also an RN as a circulating nurse working with them.
  6. by   Fiona59
    Actually, in Canada, an RN is required to be IN the OR. So an LPN/ORTech can in fact circulate. They are not tied to the scrub role. The education includes both roles.

    So where does the OP live and plan on working?
  7. by   Rose_Queen
    Many states require an RN circulator, I believe for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement this is required as well. The role of the LPN in the OR is generally in the same role as a surgical technologist. Many hospitals have stopped providing extensive on the job training because the STs are already trained in the basics- they should only need to learn the surgeon specific steps. To be honest, I don't think it would be likely to be hired into the OR. My hospital does use LPNs in preop- they are responsible for starting all IVs.
  8. by   pharryluv07
    Same with me
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  10. by   T-Bird78
    If LPNs can be scrub techs, why can't we be called "scrub nurse"? We are nurses after all, and to be a tech completely negates the "N" in LPN. I'd love to be in the OR!
  11. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from TracyE78
    If LPNs can be scrub techs, why can't we be called "scrub nurse"? We are nurses after all, and to be a tech completely negates the "N" in LPN. I'd love to be in the OR!
    That's true, but you also have to keep in mind the job title is officially going to be "surgical technologist." Since those roles are filled, in the vast majority, by surgical technologists (not a licensed position in most states) and that is the scope of the LPN in that role, the generic title is just the way many places refer to it. An LPN in the OR isn't going to be doing many nursing duties- my facility restricts counts to the RN circulator (a second ST, even with LPN license, cannot count with the ST at the table), foleys can only be inserted by RNs (hospital wide policy), meds in the OR can only be dispensed to the sterile field by the RN, etc. I've worked with an LPN in the ST role, and never even knew until he left to do home care that he even had an LPN license, because he simply didn't use it in the capacity he filled in the OR.
  12. by   monkeybug
    Our Labor unit utilizes LPNs mainly as scrub techs. But they are better than regular scrub techs because they can also do limited patient care. (limited because it is a labor unit and they cannot interpret fetal monitor strips.