IS Lpn going to decrease next coming years?

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    I am going to the LPN program this year and i have heard some people say that the LPN program is going to end , and in future they don't need LPN anymore. is that true? i am worry.

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    They been saying those things for the last ten years of my knowledge... So with that being said who knows how long they been saying that before then. LPN are always going to be needed
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    I heard the same thing 17 years ago and as far as I know, the "rumor" is well over 20 years old. In my area clinics, hospice, home health, prisons, hospitals, etc...utilize LPNs in many ways. I think we're safe for awhile
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    Don't stress... They have been saying that for years yet the college is consistently changing our scope of practice and allowing LPNs to work in more acute settings. I'm currently an LPN and recently obtained a job in Cardiovascular surgery where until a few years ago no LPNs were allowed to work. As the years go on we will eventually find ourselves in more acute settings as well as in leadership roles in Long Term Care. We are a cheaper alternative to RNs and therefore just as valuable as RNs. There will always be jobs for both professionals... Good luck with School..!!
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    This is extremely anecdotal but in the out patient surgery center where I work we are employing more and more LVN's. Of course as a cost saving measure they are per diem (no benefits)!

    I know LVN'S (and I don't think this is fair) are paid a lot less, and can do at least half if not 3/4's of the same work RN's do. I think RN's are pricing themselves out of jobs, (the term bite the hand that feeds them comes to mind).
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    I think it may depend a lot on the area of care. My hospital will no longer hire LPNs for floor nursing as of about 9 months ago.
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    Quote from nu rn
    I think it may depend a lot on the area of care. My hospital will no longer hire LPNs for floor nursing as of about 9 months ago.
    This is true. I'm in MS. and hospitals here hire LPNs for med/surg. and rehab hospitals where many other states do not.
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    In the VA hospital won't hire new grad LPN but will if you been 5 years in!! LPN are everywhere and know more or just as much as an RN, its all about keeping your skills up and research
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    I just trained and oriented a Certified Medication Aide, saw them destroy my residents and no one cared. Then us LPNs were given short shifts and CMA has all the full time hours. We (LPNs) had to do double the work, work scared for our residents and our ability to keep up with it all, and pray no on fell in the midst of it all. I am a seasoned nurse and gave the CMA all my knowledge and guidance and what did I get?? Replaced after being there for a year and a half! Now I cant find ajob anywhere, and I have soo tried and being older and experienced doesnt mean anything anymore
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    It depends on many factors where LPN's can and will work, especially in the future. I believe that the near future holds MORE possibilities for LPN's, mainly because of Medicare/ Medicaid payment and reimbursement rates. As the nursing homes and sub-acute care facilities have reduced reimbursement, they have less money. LPN's can provide safe, effective care to residents and patients at a lower rate than RN's. I do not think LPN's will be "phased out" any time soon, if ever.

    I will admit, however, that LPN's are being phased out in hospitals. More rural hospitals probably employ higher rates of LPN's and that most likely will not change, other than the rural areas are going to be further out.

    CMA's will also have their own place, and it is *NOT* in the job of an LPN. If the facility replaces all LPN's with CMA's, they are not going to do too well.
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