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It seems like people frown upon LPN's....always saying "Just become an RN." I thought becoming an LPN was a good career choice...other people don't seem to think so though o_O So for all the... Read More

  1. by   korah12
    LPN ROCKS!!!!
    I made a great career choice. In some working environment esp. Nursing homes and mental health facilities in most case P,s are Head Nurses in these settings.

    Inretropect, we are nurse and we all have a story about nursing school both good and not so good.

    The work is rigorous and clinical are burials on the not so good days and nclex is a thron in our side. So BIG UP all the R's and P's.

    In nursing school my preceptor was an LPN and she had a wealth of information to pass on to us students because she was just completing her rn aswell.

    Please the RNs don't mean any Mal-feeling just giving a word of encouragement to get us to our fullest potential and to advance our career that's how I see at it.

    We are a team and we are providing the best service to our clients. Everyone on the team is a vital member and that how we provide excellent care.
    Also, people are in different stages in their lives. So don't be dismayed be encourage.

    Peace and Blessings to all the Hard Working Nurse. We are speical.
  2. by   Crystal-Wings
    I don't think so. I don't want to be an RN.
  3. by   sdy65
    I have been an LVN for 27 years. I would not change one day of it ever! I started out in SNF's but have worked in home health and hospice. Currently I work in pysch and spend time in South America working in clinics. I considered going for my RN several times but there was never a compelling enough reason for me to do it. I work with doctors, RN's and APRN's that respect me and I get to do the work that I love. And trust me, I don't care what letters follows the name, if someone called me "tech school nurse" we would have a serious problem.