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I work in a nursing home. After making repeated med errors on the job, I chose to use up my vacation time with some time off to try to pull myself together. Unfortunately, it's not working. I have no desire to go back to... Read More

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    I'm a LPN in the process of changing environments myself. I thought I was burned out from being in an office for so many years, but it's the whole LTC scene all together. I adore the elderly and working with them, and thought I would never want to go anywhere but LTC, but the corporate greed and lack of caring for employees by upper management has gotten ridiculous. Too many LTCs these days employ warm bodies who care about nothing other than a pay check. The good nurses and CNAs go where they are appreciated and paid for their hard work, so sadly patient care suffers all because of the almighty dollar

    Good luck to you OP! I'm glad you had time to really think about where you want to go from here

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